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VIG REPORT: Lock Poker tracks all reported player to player trades and values (called "vig") on Lock Poker.

All LOCK vig info updated through 3/31/14


Lock Poker

Please see the What is VIG page for detailed info on abbreviations and key definitions.

Lock Poker has seen a sharp decline in vig value over the entirety of 2013, which continued through October. The reasons for the declines are numerous - almost all of the virtually non-existent reported value trades are made at the 20% value level or lower. Now separated completely and independent from the Revolution Network after leaving in the dead of night, Lock is simply and by far the least attractive trading option (or any type of option for that matter) on the market today. highly recommends staying away from this online poker room with vigor and haste.

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Go in-depth and check out every reported value LOCK POKER trade from January 1st, 2014 to the present day. Click each box for an expandable image.


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