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Merge Policy Change -- Tournament Coupons Now Expire!

The Merge Gaming Network has instituted a policy change recently that could affect some of Professional Rakeback's tournament players...


Merge Gaming Tournament Tickets - Policy Change

Professional Rakeback presents both the good and the bad online poker news from around the world, but especially the news that pertains to our core focus, US poker sites. Guide you we will *imagine in a Yoda voice.  In today's news however, we are sad to report some thing negative for our recreational punters and our professional grinders alike.  A new year is dawning, and starting in two thousand and thirteen, as of January the first, there will be a new policy put into place that does affect you guys (and us) negatively.

As of January 1st, 2013, the Merge Gaming Network has instituted policy changes regarding multi-table tournament, MTT tickets.  In the past, all multi-table and single table SNG tournament tickets were good, basically forever.  Players could hoard them and stockpile them for a rainy day, a downswing, whenever they had a hard time depositing new funds, whatever.  It was not the best strategy, and Professional Rakeback advised against it because those tournament tickets could be lost if a network partner skin or operator lost their business or sold it, as tournament tickets were considered liabilities and did not hold any monetary value as far as Merge Gaming Network was concerned.  However, new rules state that players will have 90 days to use tournament tickets or they will expire.  Here is the official information per a Carbon Poker rakeback representative:

Tourney Coupon Update

Starting January 1st, 2013, all tournament coupons will now have a 90-day expiry period assigned to them. Players that have an existing tournament coupon in their player account that was issued prior to January 1st, 2013, will have 90 days to use them from January 1st, 2013. Any tournament coupon that is issued after January 1st, 2013 will have a 90-day expiry period set from the date is was issued.


The Merge Gaming Network is host to the largest and softest MTT schedule of all the US facing poker sites.  Bovada is the only site that even comes close with Winning Poker Network a distant third place.  It also has the most SNG action (though Revolution is quite close for most SNG games).  Our partner sites Carbon Poker and it's sister site Aced are host to the Sunday 100k tournament each week!  Lately it's had juicy overlays, so take advantage now! *Update November 2014:  The Sunday Major is now one hundred and twenty five thousand United States Dollars, or USD, guaranteed each Sunday and has been renamed "The Big Ticket."  If you are intersted in a USA friendly poker site, use our review of Full Flush bonus code to sign up for FFP on the Equity Poker Network.  Over on EPN, the tournament tickets do not expire ever.