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Dont Panic! Merge Gaming Network P2P Disabled Nov 1st - ???

 Don't Panic, Loss of P2P is not the end of the world Image File To all our grinders, get your P2P transfers in quickly, peer to peer transfers will be disabled on the Merge Gaming Network for a little while...?

This message recently went out across the network to all/and affects all operators:


Effective November 1st, 2012, Merge Gaming will no longer allow player to player transfers.


We highly recommend that all players who utilize P2P transfers do them now, lest they run into an inability to transfer after the 1st of November.    We know that some players have come to rely on player-to-player transfers for cashouts given the less than ideal processing speeds for USA players post Black-Friday.  Unfortunately, this type of behavior has created all sorts of business and regulatory problems for Carbon, Aced, and indeed the entire Merge poker "Cashier."  This move is being made before the swap over to the new and improved "Jazette Cashier."  ProfRB expects good things from this cashier move and a return to more functional environment as seen over the summer of 2012 in short order!  Don't worry though, Carbon Poker is legit! 

We sincerely hope that they bring this back ASAP!

^^ It turns out they lied to us. They told us it would come back, hence the winky face and all of our posts on 2+2 saying "not to worry" and that "P2P will be restored most likely". But alas, they lied to us. Jazette has taken over the network and ruined it in our opinion.