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Merge Skin RPM Poker Closes -- Swap Your Accounts To Carbon Now!

The Merge Gaming Network skin, RPM Poker, has officially closed today...

RPM poker's domain, was down this morning raising red flags.  Upon further investigation it appeared that the two RPM reps, RPMSeth and RPMJon had not posted since November 29th, 2012 on 2+2 support forums.  Neither were responding via Skype contacts attempted by Professional Rakeback's staff either.  Then a leak came from a tier 1 support rep at Merge who said RPM was closing.  Within an hour another rep denied this, but the industry and the players were suspicious! 

As of approximately 5pm EST, RPM poker client has shut down

RPM Poker closes its online poker skin on the Merge Gaming Network


Professional Rakeback is here to help you move over to Carbon Poker or any of our other US poker sites as efficiently as humanly possible.  We know professional online grinders need to get back into action!  Please contact us immediately to get into the queue as early as possible!!


*** Also, don't forget to copy your notes and player icons from RPM to your new Carbon account!  See this article on how to transfer notes on a PC, and this article for Mac users!