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Horizon Network Great Holiday Option!

  With sites across the world cutting promotions and even less sites available to American citizens finding good value can be a difficult thing.  Luckily, some options still exist that allow players to get maximum value for their playing time.

With the holiday season around the corner a lot of players are going to be finding themselves with more time than they have had with more time off of work and school.  The only thing that could make that time better would be to get a chance at promotions to bolster the bankroll and take a bit of the sting away from the gift buying season.  Luckily, Juicy Stakes, a prominent US-friendly member of the Horizon Network, provides a great opportunity for that by having promotions that aren’t just dedicated to huge grinders, although they can do quite well in many of these promotions as well.

Low Traffic; High Reliability

Some might be scared off by Juicy Stakes, a former Cake Poker subsidiary, being on the network, but that is where Intertops Poker really bolsters the resume with the respect it has earned through the years.  Intertops Poker has been a site for many years and has one of the best reputations in the U.S,. and in the world.  Since they now own Juicy Stakes, they transfer the good reputation and solid payout times by offering another site to play on.  The major difference is that Intertops is invite only, but it is possible to get those invites.  Juicy Stakes is available to all players.  Also, Lock Poker is no longer part of the network, and so that albatross of a problem is not a concern for players playing on the network.

FPP Race

The nicest promotion for cash players is what is known as the “FPP Race.”  This race is set on a weekly schedule where players see who can earn the most FPPs for playing Cash games, SNGs or tournaments and then award prizes for the leader that week and also overall for the monthly winner.  While the top of the leaderboards are very competitive, players can earn money by placing at lower positions with a reasonably achievable amount of grinding.  This promotion is available on both skins, so no matter your choice, you can have access to it.

If you have the  industry leading 36% rakeback you are still eligible for this promotion, but it is important to remember that your FPPs will accrue at 50% of the rate that non-rakeback players get them.  That still gives you a decent opportunity to place on the leaderboard though and get extra cash on top of the industry best rakeback.

26-Day Endurance Challenge

During holiday seasons people find themselves working less than normal and this challenge is perfect for that type of person.  This promotion is set up much like “Iron Man” on Full Tilt Poker was.  You play as many days as you can earning a certain amount of points on each of those days and receive cash corresponding to the level that you reached.  You can earn anywhere from $10 to $53 extra on top of FPP race and rakeback/loyalty level winnings that would stand to earn.  This promo is only available to those playing on Intertops Poker.

Other rewards and conclusions

Horizon Network also has a few more network wide promotions that add value to customers.  Gold Chips and Gold Cards are the most common of these.  They allow players to get prizes and cash in exchange for playing at the tables.  If you have never deposited money on the site, you can also look into the 200% welcome bonus that allows you to deposit up to $1,000.  If you would like to take advantage of any of these great offers or sign up for an account simply check out our Juicy Stakes and Intertops poker reviews to make it seamless and easy.  

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