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LHE Changes: Discussion of Blind Structure @ Merge Gaming & Carbon Poker

Carbon Poker Fixed Limit Holdem Discussuion

Professional Rakeback's very own Kahntrutahn of two plus two fame, otherwise known as Ineluctable on the Merge Poker Network tables, has started a thread at 2+2 seeking feedback regarding the Limit Hold'em games.  We at ProfessionalRakeback have been participating in round table discussions with Merge Gaming Network management about the possibility of changing some of the blind structures in the fixed limit holdem games.  The professional rakeback team is of the camp that changing the blind structures to a standardized setup would be better for the games, as currently there are three different types of blind structures available for players, namely two thirds structure, one third structure and two fifths structures.   PROFRB would like to change all of the stuctures and standardize them at a two thirds small blind to big blind ratio. 

Why on Earth would we want to do that you ask? Well the answer and the purpose of this idea is actually quite simple.  More money in the pot, juiced pots in other words, means there is more to fight for preflop.  More money to fight for pre-flop means that players should play a wider range of hands, optimally speaking.  Playing more hands means that we will induce more action oriented games against the fishy players on the network.  Who doesn't love action oriented Limit Holdem games right and playing tons of hands against fishy recreational poker players?  Pros do... fish do... and the poker sites does (more action equates to more rake!).  Win! Win! Win situation for all involved parties, at least that is how the PROFRB staff views it.


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