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Bellagio Poker Cashier Robbed at Gunpoint

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On Tuesday, November 28 at around 3:45 p.m., an armed man approached the cage in the poker room at the Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas and demanded an unspecified amount of money. The suspect had a black handgun and was wearing a wig, glasses, and a mask. After receiving the cash, he fled in a silver Chevy Cruze.

A Quiet Robbery

This crime took place while bystanders were playing poker, and most of them continued with their games, unaware that anything unusual was happening. The Bellagio employees handed over the money without making a fuss, and security personnel did not engage the robber. Nobody was injured. Actor James Woods was playing poker at the time, and he headed to Twitter to share what he witnessed:

James Woods Tweet About Bellagio Robbery

James Woods' Reaction to Bellagio Robbery

The criminal fled to the valet parking area where he entered the Chevy Cruze and escaped. The cage was cordoned off with crime scene tape, but the action at the tables continued uninterrupted.

Image of the Bellagio Poker Cage Post-robbery

Photo of the Bellagio Poker Room Cage After the Robbery, posted by Twitter User Randy Ohel (@randyohel)

Police Response

In the wake of the incident, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department posted a message on Twitter containing descriptive information about both the robber and his vehicle:

Las Vegas Police Post About Bellagio Robbery on Twitter

Police Captain John Pelletier gave a press conference in which he said that the authorities were following up on a few leads. “We're very comfortable and confident that we'll go ahead and apprehend this individual.” The police are reviewing video footage along with other evidence to attempt to capture the suspect. In an unusual wrinkle, Captain Pelletier revealed that although the actual crime was committed by a single person, there might have been someone in the Chevy Cruze who was there “against his will.“ The police are now in possession of the getaway car, and the person who was possibly kidnapped is now safe and is presumably cooperating with the investigation.

The police have released surveillance photos of the suspect. He is believed to be between 30 and 40 years old and between 5'7" and 5'9" in height.

Bellagio Robbery Suspect

Surveillance Images of the Bellagio Robbery Suspect

Anyone with any info pertaining to this case is requested to call the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police at 702-828-3591.

Not the First Heist at Bellagio

As one of the most famous hotspots for high-rolling gambling on the Las Vegas Strip, the Bellagio is a tempting lure for many would-be crooks. In March 2017, four individuals wearing animal masks entered the Tesorini jewelry store at the Bellagio. They smashed up display cases and stole valuable pieces. A man arrested in connection with the crime told the police that it was part of an organized scheme to take designer watches to Mexico where they would fetch astronomical prices.

In July 2014, Scott Carmitchel, of Kansas, pointed a gun at a cashier in the Bellagio and walked away with $43,500. He started splurging on hotel rooms and prostitutes, but he wasn't very smart about it. Carmitchel's suspicious activities, like paying a tourist to rent a room for him and walking around with bills still in their Bellagio wrappers, soon attracted the attention of law enforcement. He was caught less than a week after his misdeeds.

On Dec. 14, 2010, the “biker bandit” Tony Carleo arrived at the Bellagio on his Suzuki motorcycle, parked it, and entered the casino. He brandished a gun and grabbed about $1.5 million in chips randomly from a high-stakes craps table before fleeing on his bike. Because he had been wearing a motorcycle helmet at the time, nobody could identify him. He was caught only because of the difficulty in exchanging Bellagio $25,000 “cranberry” chips for cash. A potential buyer turned out to be a police plant, and Carleo was apprehended and convicted.

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