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Avoid CasinoMGA: Fake Slots, Real Shadiness

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Here at ProfessionalRakeback, we only partner with reputable online gaming sites because we value the satisfaction and happiness of our clients. Thus, we urge all our readers to stay away from rogue and shady operators who couldn't care less about fairness and integrity. The latest entrant on our rogue's list is CasinoMGA, an online casino that isn't exactly playing by the rules.

Lobby of Games at CasinoMGAWhen You Opt to Play These Games at CasinoMGA, You Might Not Get What You Bargained For

Fake Slots to Lure the Unsuspecting

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The biggest reason to avoid CasinoMGA is the fact that it uses counterfeit slot software that has been stolen from the legitimate developers and passed off as the real deal. We're indebted to our friends over at for this information because it was LCB who first uncovered this deception. The LCB team members have in fact proven themselves to be quite sharp, over the years, in the business of detecting fraudulent online gambling sites.

By inspecting the source code of the webpage where a particular game is located, you can see the server on which the slot is being hosted. Upon doing this for some of the games at CasinoMGA, we discover that these slots are being run not by the legitimate gaming houses that created them but rather on third-party domains unrelated to the proper companies. For instance, take a look at what we found when we loaded up Aristocrat's “Buffalo” slot in our browser:

CasinoMGA Fake Slot Machine Game ServerScreenshot Showing the Hosting Domain for the Spurious “Buffalo” Game

The game is being delivered from, which sounds like it could be a server run by NYX Gaming Group, the owner of Aristocrat, but it actually isn't. The true NYX Gaming hosting domain for video slots is, not

This same phenomenon is the case with games in the CasinoMGA lineup from such diverse developers as Net Entertainment, Novomatic, Igrosoft, Merkur Gaming, and EGT. Only the titles from Betsoft appear to be housed on the authorized gaming servers from the real vendor.

Why Are Illicit Slots Bad?

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The use of ersatz slot software indicates that CasinoMGA is not compensating the makers of these games for their efforts. Instead, it's attempting to freeload off of the hard work of others.

There are other problems with these bogus gaming offerings especially from a player's perspective. Whereas the real versions of these slots have been tested and the return-to-player percentages audited, there's no way of telling if the payouts in the imitations are the same. They might have been altered to increase the house's hold rate to your detriment. After all, if CasinoMGA's owners are willing to cheat the software firms that created the games in the first place, why would they scruple at scamming their customers either?

Other Reasons to Take a Pass

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Unauthorized copies of slot machines infest the CasinoMGA lobby, and this is reason enough by itself to not touch this internet casino with a 10-foot pole. Yet, there are further indications that everything is not as it's supposed to be at this site. As is usually the case, dishonesty in one part of an enterprise's operations carries over into other fields as well.

Misleading Name

The name “CasinoMGA” seems to imply that it's associated with, and licensed by, the Malta Gaming Authority. This is a popular jurisdiction for online gaming licensure, and many players feel a sense of security when they see the MGA logo at the bottom of an online casino homepage.

Logo of Malta Gaming AuthorityThe MGA Licenses Hundreds of Lawful Online Casinos, of Which CasinoMGA Is NOT One

Needless to say, Casino MGA is not licensed by this respected Malta regulator. This naming arrangement can lead only to confusion on the part of potential users, and it's a clear signal that management is perfectly willing to engage in deception to entice people to sign up for and make real money deposits to new accounts.

License Shenanigans

Not only is CasinoMGA not licensed by Malta, but it appears to lack any valid online casino license altogether. Despite featuring the logo of www·gaming-curacao·com on its homepage, this firm is actually not approved of by that organization, a fact uncovered by the folks at LatestCasinoBonuses. It appears that CasinoMGA is advertising bogus license information that actually pertains to another internet casino. Not only are the slots fake but also the license certificate!

UK Street Address

The “Contact Us” page on the site shows contact information for the enterprise, including a phone number with a U.K. country code as well as an address listed as “Unit 31, Chess Business Park, Moor Rd.” While CasinoMGA doesn't definitively state what country that street address is located in, a quick Google search reveals that Chess Business Park is indeed a complex located on Moor Road in…that's right – the United Kingdom. More specifically, it's in Chesham.

Phone Number and Address for CasinoMGA

You can probably suspect by now that there's no valid U.K. Gambling Commission (UKGC) license held by CasinoMGA. We can't say for sure whether or not this is in violation of the U.K.'s gaming statutes. It would definitely be against the law if the casino were trading with U.K. customers, but the United Kingdom is a prohibited country in CasinoMGA's terms and conditions, so they're not guilty on that count.

Still, if there's any “gambling equipment” at this U.K location, then CasinoMGA is breaking the law. “Gambling equipment” means anything used to provide gambling services, including remote gambling, whether or not the customers are located within the country. Unless this facility is only for customer support and similar ancillary business functions (which we have to concede is possible), the principals of CasinoMGA are breaking U.K. law.

If the UKGC determines that it has a case against CasinoMGA, then we don't expect the Commission to pull its punches. Indeed, it frequently issues punitive sanctions even against companies that are legal license-holders if it decides that they've broken the gambling rules in some way. Paddy Power Betfair and 32Red are just a couple of the recognizable betting organizations that have had to pay massive fines at the direction of the UKGC.

Banking Methods

While CasinoMGA is capable of handling money transactions through Neteller, Skrill, and EcoPayz, they're for withdrawals only. Customers cannot deposit through them. For deposits, customers are restricted to processors that require the use of a credit card. In addition, there's a fee ranging from €2.50 to 2.5% of the payout amount on every cashout request.

All deposits and withdrawals must be conducted in euros. No other currency is accepted.

What a far cry from most competing sites, which provide at least one mechanism for fee-free payments and tend to support a broad array of national currencies, converting them, if necessary, into a single standard currency for gameplay.

Better Options Abound

Dice, Chips, and Cards

There's no reason to dabble in the unseemly “products” of CasinoMGA when there are much better places to play. For starters, you can check out our list of top USA online casinos for some ideas on where you can enjoy slots machines and table games from the leading developers in the industry. And you can rest assured that when you play at one of our recommended operators, all the games you encounter will be the real, legitimate articles and not phony facsimiles.

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