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Equity Poker Network & Full Flush Poker Offline

Full Flush News Logo  The Equity Poker Network has been offline since Saturday October 1st, 2016.  What is going on?  Will it return? 

UPDATE April 4 2017  The domain name FullFlushPoker dot com is now live again and offering deals to players harmed by the closing. The companies that owned Full Flush Poker appear to be bankrupt and unable to pay players, affilites, employees, software providers, etc.

UPDATE OCT 4 2016:  Live Chat has been reactivated and can be reached at the FullFlushPoker dot com homepage.

UPDATE OCT 4 2016:  More information on the .eu domain.

UPDATE OCT 5 2016: Licensing update.

UPDATE OCT 11 2016:  A toll free telephone number for Full Flush Poker has been found at 1-800-841-0286.  Hold times were approximately 5 minutes in testing.

UPDATE OCT 26 2016:  FullFlush's website no longer lists contact information.  The 800# still appears to be active.

UPDATE NOV 4 2016:  Full Flush's contact webform is back up and running. They are again stating that a new poker client will be active soon and operations will resume.

UPDATE NOV 10 2016: The Full Flush dot come website is once again offline.  This is a bad sign.

UPDATE NOV 28 2016:  A new website, with the copied data from Full Flush has been found.  Royalpoker(dot)casino is now active and is a clone of Full Flush with a new logo.  No word from Full Flush or Equity Network with regard to what is going on. 


What is Happening?

Equity Poker Network went offline on Saturday.  The official response is

We are in the process of updating our gaming solutions to offer a new, more exciting platform to meet the needs of our players and an ever changing industry.  We will have updates on this change each day for you, and we apologize for any inconveniences we have caused during this period.

But what does this really mean?  Well, on the surface this sounds like a software provider related issue because of the line "updating our gaming solutions", though what that is we could only speculate.  Currently EPN uses PlaySafe software written by Playsafe Holding AS, a Norwegian company.  This is the same company, that up until recently, provided the software for both the Equity Network and the Chico Network.  However, Chico (BetOnline,, and TigerGaming) swapped to a new software provider in Q3 2016.  One wonders if this had some affect on PlaySafe's poker and casino product division, as Chico was the larger of the two poker customers.

No matter what is going on with the poker and casino software, the fact remains that the poker software has been offline for 3 business days now.  Players are unable to log into the poker software and unable to ascertain their balance, make deposits or withdrawals, or play any form of online gambling offered by Full Flush Poker.

The Website also Appears to Have Gone Down?

That is correct.  FullFlushPoker dot com and dot eu were down, as well as EquityPokerNetwork dot com.  Attempting to reach any of the internal pages on these sites yields a 404 (page not found) error.  The homepages, until recently on October 3rd, 2016 were inaccessible as well.  This is a curious circumstance as the gaming servers and the web servers should be completely independent of each other.

Another possible cause for concern was made by website SafestPokerSites when they noted that the FullFlushPoker dot come domain name appeared to be for sale for a paltry $1,500.

They Have Lost Their Gaming License?

Equity Poker Network uses a Curacao gaming license.  According to Full Flush Poker, the network operated flagship skin, the software provider (Playsafe Holding AS) was the source of the license.  Evidence would indicate that Equity Poker Network is transitioning to a different software suite and that complications with this plan is the reason for the outage.  Here is a public post on their FaceBook page:

FFP response to licensing issues

What Do Your Sources Say?

Professional Rakeback reached out to multiple staff of Full Flush Poker, Equity Poker Network, and PlaySafe AS for comment.  Of the responses we received, we have determined that Full Flush Poker is still in operation.  Players can speak to support about their accounts 24/7.  Contact can be made via telephone and/or email at Support[at] or +469 7723411.  Players can contact Full Flush Poker toll free at 1-800-841-0286

With regard to FullFlushPoker dot com, it appears that the website is in fact not for sale.  A few quick searches at other website sale portals reveals no indication that the site is for sale.  What seems more likely is that someone is attempting to front-run an upcoming domain renewal, something known as "domain sniping" or "domain drop catching."

Currently FullFlushPoker domains have a holding page up with an email form and the official message from management quoted at the beginning of this article.   EPN dot com is still offline.

Another thing of note is that the FullFlushPoker dot eu domain does not appear to belong to Equity Poker Network or Full Flush Poker or any of their associated companies.  A closer inspection of the .eu domain leads to a Simon Eaton.  A long-time online gambling affiliate.  He was at one point an employee of the South African arm of the Chico Network (TigerGaming and PayNoRake brands).  Thus a possible explanation is that he snatched up the .eu domain due to a lack of foresight on the owners of the .com version.  We make this assumption based on the fact that going to the .eu address redirects directly to the .com address, however, with the addition of an affiliate coding attachment to the URL.  This seems to support the thesis.  Also, this would explain why .eu is also down, as it is set up to be a mirrored redirect to Full Flush's .com property.

What To Do?

Our only suggestion is to sit tight and see what happens.  We will update this article and social media when we have more information.  In the interim, check out our guide If you need another US poker site to play on.  For our rakeback players looking for another option, check out our full list of rakeback deals.