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Intertops SURPRISES Everyone With New Name: Everygame

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Changes are always happening in the online gambling industry. And this is frequently for the better as it can help different companies expand and reach wider audiences. Yet, perhaps nobody could have thought that the Intertops online poker room, casino, and sportsbook would choose to rebrand itself especially considering the long history that the Intertops name has with online gaming. This is the route that it has taken though, announcing that it now goes by the name of Everygame.

The company communicated the change of name to all affiliate partners only a few days ahead of the Dec. 1 switchover. No material was provided to its affiliates for the rebranding though.

Instead, a statement read that the change into Everygame would not see its vision alter. It aims to continue with providing “trusted entertainment for generations.” The Intertops brand has been available online for over 24 years, allowing registered users to engage in spirited games of Texas Hold’em, Omaha and other poker, as well as enjoy casino games and sports bets. Yet, the rebrand to Everygame is not without purpose.

Rebranding “One of Many” Changes


Naturally, for a company that announced the launch of its 25th birthday campaign at the start of 2021, the rebranding came as quite the shock for many. And as a result of that alteration, anyone visiting the Intertops platform from Dec. 1 onwards has been welcomed by the Everygame title emblazoned across the website. This has done little with regard to the overall design and layout of the site though. Only the name has changed for the time being.

The company has proceeded to assure its players and partners that both the ownership and management team behind the brand will remain the same as it is now. Nothing will change where customers of the gambling site are concerned. Commenting on the rebranding, a statement from Intertops read:

Basically, we are the same with a new name.

Even though that may be the case, it is not the only change in place for the company that is now formerly-known as Intertops. The statement it released to its affiliates closed by informing partners that the name change is the first of “many upcoming changes.” Additional adjustments will see the operator go through its selection of games and introduce a new, refreshing set to the lobby, as well as make improvisations to the overall technical framework of its site.

Visiting the website will allow you to see the new branding, but you will navigate around in the same way as before. The color scheme, the design of the website, the ease-of-navigation, and everything else remains the same. And both Casino Red and Casino Classic are still available to access as separate entities.

Departure from Germany Marks a Significant Change

It may come as a bit more of a surprise to some people that along with changing its name, the Intertops brand has also chosen to withdraw from the German gambling market. And while any withdrawal from a specific market is surprising news, it stands out even more because the Intertops brand was actually founded in 1983 as a German bookmaker based out of the United Kingdom. That sportsbook targeted those bettors who were looking for the best odds and prices, as the German sports betting monopoly meant that terrible odds were in place there due to the high tax rate.

Intertops soon flourished for its dedication to providing better prices, and it moved to Austria in 1992, while continuing to offer its services to German gamblers. With recent law changes and licensing practices coming into effect through the Interstate Treaty on Gambling in Germany, Intertops has had to exit that market after over 30 years of service.

Not only was Intertops a pioneering brand due to offering a better route for German bettors to take, but it was the first to do many things. Sportsbooks had been utilizing telephones to take bets for many years, but Intertops has actually been credited as the first to take a sports bet over the Internet. This occurred in January of 1996, when a gambler from Finland logged into the site and placed a $50 wager on a soccer match, winning $2 at long odds.

In 2000, the brand also paved the way for online gambling sites, launching the very first mobile betting application. That occurred many years before many people even had mobile devices. And additionally, .

Much of the company’s success has been credited to Simon Noble, being the primary driving force behind the Intertops brand. He more recently came into the news for another reason. It is due to Mr. Noble that the Pinnacle Sportsbook site has gone through a revival, following its decision to withdraw from the U.S. market within three months of the UIGEA coming into effect on American soil.

Where Do Things Go from Here?

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While it is true that nobody located within Germany will be able to create a new account at Everygame, and current German customers will need to withdraw their funds before their accounts are closed, there are positive changes on the horizon too. Everygame is currently working on the introduction of a new live betting platform for players to get involved in, and this, it says, will heighten the quality of the sports betting experience for users. This is set to come into effect alongside the aforementioned refreshing of casino games and adjustments to infrastructure.

Yet despite its name change, there is little doubt that Intertops will always go down in history as a trailblazer. The company says that the name of Everygame is being built to last for the next 25 years and beyond, but loyal players will still likely continue referring to it by its original name.

The poker section of the Everygame website will continue on with the Horizon Network supplying its software. Therefore, anyone who is already registered and holds an account there (outside of Germany) can continue playing in the normal way. Everygame Poker incorporates 36% in rakeback paid out daily, a 200% up to $1,000 welcome bonus, and various reload rewards and promotions to enjoy.

Others who do not yet have an account with this firm can read our thorough Everygame review to find out more about it and learn how to sign up.