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America's Cardroom Oceania Account Creation Instructions

America's Cardroom left the Australian markets in 2018, along with a slew of other poker websites. However, ProfessionalRakeback has found a legal loophole that allows you play on ACR, with the full knowledge and consent of ACR security. However, this requires you to follow certain instructions, as this is a limited program and we only have so many invitations to give out per month.

How to sign up for America's Cardroom from Oceania properly.

Step 1: Click this account creation link (This link opens in a new window so that you can still read the isntructions.)

Step 2: Click the "lets do this" or "sign me up" buttons to download the poker software. Install said software.

Step 3: Open the poker software and click "Create new Account" button.

Step 4: When filling out this information, choose your country of origin as New Zealand. Make sure to input all of your real identifying information as you normally would. Do NOT use fake name, address, etc, if you do, your account will not be approved and you will not be able to play on America's Cardroom. The ONLY information to be modified is the country section altered to NZ instead of AU.

Step 5: Provide us with the email address you used when creating this poker account, and your username, by messaging us via our Contact Us Page. We will forward this information directly to ACR security who will unlock your account. This process may take a couple business days and weekends do NOT count, so please be patient while your account is reviewed by network security.

PLEASE NOTE: Your account will be unlocked and you will be able to deposit and withdraw ONLY using crypto-currency. They accept almost 70 crypto currencies for deposits such as the Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. These same cryptos are offered for withdrawals. You will NOT be able to use credit cards or any other form of FIAT deposits or withdrawals, this is the loophole that allows this work-around to take place.

If you are unfamiliar how to use crypto for online poker, read this article and also set yourself up a CoinJar account for withdrawing your winnings.