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Stack and Tile - Online Poker Table Management Software

Professional online poker grinders have specialized needs when it comes to software. The right piece of software can significantly improve your returns. Stack and Tile is a table management software program...

Stack and Tile Review

Today we are going to review Stack and Tile, or SAT for short.  SAT is designed to help online poker players improve their grinding efficiency.  This software is what we at Professional Rakeback classify as "table management software," and just like HUDs, it has the potential to drastically improve one's performance on the digital felt.

Table Management Software is a type of product that interfaces with one or more online poker clients and alters their behavior in small, but very important ways.  This type of software, once properly set up, can manipulate table sizes, move tables into different positions on the screen automatically, alert players that it is their turn to act, and much more.  The benefit is a healthy improvement to a grinder's efficiency via a reduction in the number of clicks necessary to play.  The implementation of this type of software often results in substantial improvements in the number of tables a player can play, the amount of time a player has to effectively act on each hand, the number of different poker sites that a player can comfortably manage, and much more.  Stack and Tile is one such product.  Others you may be familiar with include Table Ninja, Table of Interest, and Table Optimizer.  Some of these products are more robust than others.  Lets see where Stack and Tile fits in this lineup shall we?


Stack and tile works with a variety of poker sites.  Native support is built-in for the largest International poker sites such as Poker Stars, Full Tilt, iPoker, Microgaming, Party Poker, Unibet and Ongame.  It also natively supports the large US poker sites such as Ignition, ACR Poker, Intertops, BetOnline, and Black Chip.  That is an impressive list when stacked up against the competition.  SAT supports more sites by default than any of its competitors, excluding Table Ninja.  However, Stack and Tile has an ace in the hole.  It can be programmed, with low difficulty we might add, to support practically any online poker software.  If the task seems daunting, they have a walk-through.  If you run into a snag, they have forums where you can ask questions and get answers from the developers as well as experienced users.

What Do Our Grinders Say?

In short, they say nothing but good things.  Professional Rakeback recommends this software to all of our experienced, high-volume rakeback grinders as a means of improving their hands per hour and reducing stress.  Every horse in our stable is encouraged to use this software as well.  Even the founder of our website used this software to win rake races week in and week out!  Here are a few testimonials:

I would never have been able to turn $200 into 6 figures in a year without the help of SAT. In my's an essential piece of software that all serious grinders cannot do without.  -- The Green Smoothie, epic Twitch mass-tabler

I managed to win the "Last Man Standing" competition on Merge Gaming, beating over 5,000 other competitors, by leveraging polyphasic sleep, low glycemic-load foods, and of course Stack and Tile.  I couldn't have played enough tables without this amazing piece of software! -- Ineluctable, founder of Professional Rakeback

I have been using SaT for years with mad success.  It is so much smoother playing 10+ tables on numerous sites with SaT.  It's such tremendous value for under $20 a month!! -- NiagaraBalls, number 2 ranked P5s player in the USA 2015


In order to test or purchase this product, please:

Step 1:  Clear your cookies, click the appropriate browser icon if you need instructions.


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Step 2: Please click this Stack and Tile link which will take you directly to the SAT website where you can use the 15 day free trial or purchase the software directly.

Want this product for FREE?  Professional Rakeback is more than happy to help out our valued customers by, pardon the repetition, adding value to our service.  If you are signed up to any of our partner rooms and you put in good volume, simply contact us and ask us about our free Stack and Tile offer!