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Player Drops Pants at WSOP Main Event: Shows “The Nuts”

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The 2019 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event is officially underway, and we’ve already seen plenty of fast-paced, exciting action at the tables. Players are battling it out for a seat at the renowned final table, and whether they’re playing tight and hoping to nit their way through or taking a super-aggressive Isildur1-type of approach, it’s fair to say there have already been some memorable moments at the tables.

Players on Day 1c on July 5, however, got more than they bargained for when they were witnesses to one of the strangest events in WSOP history. A male player – presumably off the end of a bad ‘table vibe’ (or as a result of having had way too much to drink) – decided the event was the perfect time to drop his pants, expose himself, and launch a shoe right at the dealer’s head.

Yes, if you’re struggling to get your head 'round that one – imagine how we felt writing it!

Rio Hotel and CasinoThe Rio Casino Has Hosted Plenty of High-Quality Poker Play
As Well as All Manner of Less Savory Activities

The player, who was promptly disqualified from the tournament, had decided to push all-in blind preflop on the first level of the event. He went on to table his hand early - and then dropped his pants. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any crazier, he ripped off his shoe and launched it at the dealer while another player was making a decision.

A nearby observer explained:

“He didn’t seem drunk but he went all in blind before the dealer was even done dealing. A member of the floor staff was called over at that moment and while being talked to by the floor staff member he dropped his pants. After picking his pants back up, he threw his shoe across the table.”

But Wait, There's More

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After being thrown out of the tournament, the exposer decided to take his night elsewhere. He made his way to the Luxor Casino right on the Strip and proved to be a welcome figure – to other players at least.

Luxor CasinoThe Rio Was Just the Pre-Party
The Fun and Games Continued at the Luxor

Within an hour of his arrival, the man had managed to get chants going – and, like the prized shooter at a winning craps table, he soon had a loyal following of admirers, enjoying his flamboyant, drunken singing.

However, clearly not content with just the one flashing event during the evening, he then decided to drop his pants once again. Minutes later, he found himself on the way to the local jail where he spent the night.

A Slew of Other Main Event Problems

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The elusive pants-dropper wasn’t the only player to see his tournament end early either. A player by the name of Georgii Belianin was also disqualified on Day 1c for allegedly trying to pinch a stack of chips from the vacant seat next to him.

Andrew Barber first reported the cheating on Twitter, and Owais Ahmed chimed in with further details:

Twitter Posts About Cheating

A rather dramatic photo appeared of Belianin being escorted out of the premises – flanked on either side by security guards – and he was banned from all Caesars properties. Belianin, a Russian whose grasp of English is a bit shaky, attempted to return to the Rio, and he was therefore arrested for trespassing and sent to jail to cool his heels for the night.

Earlier on in the tournament, Day 1b on July 4th wasn’t without incident either, and drunken behavior was highlighted in two players – both of whom were “grossly intoxicated” at the tables.

Drew Amato, a Los Angeles-based photographer known for his work for the World Series of Poker and World Poker Tour, said:

“Right before dinner, there were two gentlemen at the table next to each other, both so intoxicated they both received unrelated penalties. At the first table, you had an older gentleman that was so drunk he spilled two drinks on the table. The dealer eventually called the floor because the gentleman, who was in the 9 seat, would not stop coughing on the dealer. He was sent on dinner break 30 minutes early, and eventually returned with about 40 minutes left on break and slept on his scooter.”

He went on to say:

“On the other table, a player had a few too many soda pops and was moving all in blind every hand. When no one wanted to call him, he would berate the table for being afraid to burn their $10,000 entry. Eventually, he moved all in and showed , and his opponent called with pocket sevens. The player flopped a deuce and rivered a five to eliminate his opponent. He was given a penalty for exposing his hand and had to sit out an orbit. After dinner, he was dragged out by security and given yet another penalty. He eventually returned to his table and settled down a little bit.”

It Wouldn’t Be The WSOP Main Event Without Entertainment!

Dramatic Masks

Many readers may remember the mysterious circumstances of semi-pro Joseph Stiers' disqualification from 2017’s Main Event. With one of the biggest stacks in the room, Stiers was sitting on over 660,000 just after the dinner break on the third day of the tournament. Commentators predicted the bubble would burst in a matter of hours – and the room was in that “super concentration mode” we’re used to seeing at high-pressure moments like these.

Out of nowhere, however, the Rio’s security team pulled Stiers aside, handcuffed him, and told him they’d press charges for “criminal trespass” if he didn’t leave the premises immediately.

Joseph StiersJoseph Stiers Was Thrown Out of the WSOP ME and Disqualified in 2017

The unexpected departure came as tournament officials identified him as someone who had been banned for life from all of Caesars' properties. Back in 2014, Stiers was thrown out of the Horseshoe Baltimore for counting cards at the Blackjack tables. When asked to leave, he “caused a scene” and refused.

Once officials realized that he was the same individual who had been counting cards five years ago, they ejected him from the Main Event immediately, and he forfeited his current chip position and his buyin. Interestingly, Stiers sued Caesars Entertainment on the ground that they “ruined his poker career,” and eventually they agreed to a settlement.

William Kassouf is another name that springs to mind when talking about WSOP controversies. Players who followed the 2016 Main Event may remember Kassouf for his loud mouth, constant tanking, and his uncanny ability to rile up nearly all other players at the table. He made Phil Hellmuth look like a delight to play with.

Kassouf managed to irritate plenty of his opponents, and it got to the point where he was spoken to by tournament officials. His run, however, came to an end when he busted out with AA against Gordon Vayo’s AJ, on a five-diamond board.

On to More Positive News

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Despite the occasional setbacks, the WSOP remains the world’s premier poker tournament, and 2019’s Main Event is already off to an exciting start. With 8,569 players registered, the prize pool is the second-highest ever – and there has been a slew of memorable moments.

Phil Ivey decided to risk his entire stack on a coin flip just an hour into the tournament, proving that sometimes, even the best can make those “fish-like” decisions.

There’s bound to be plenty more action to unfold at the tables too, and we’ll be reporting on the most memorable of moments.

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Missed Out On The Main Event This Year?

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It sucks, doesn’t it? The holiest poker tournament on the planet – and you missed out. After all, with a buy-in of a whopping $10,000, it’s no surprise that many who dream of playing this event are simply unable to.

However, there are ways of qualifying for next year’s tournament without breaking the bank or taking out a second mortgage on your home. Most online poker sites now run satellite tournaments, and you can qualify for as little as a few dollars! Win the satellite, and you’ll have a fully paid-for seat at the Main Event!

If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, then be sure to check out our comprehensive guide on the best online poker sites in the USA. We’ll show you which sites to play at – and which to avoid like the plague. Who knows, maybe you’ll be dropping your pants at next year’s event? (Please, don’t do that – but do check out our guide of the top-rated online poker sites!)