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Unibet. Formerly one of the larger skins on the Microgaming network branched off and became an independent poker room in early 2014. They came out with an interesting business model, one that was built from the ground up to cater to recreational poker players. They do so in a variety of different ways. They make the game feel like social poker, put lots of "missions" to win tournament tickets, removing flat rakeback, allow players to change names up to three times per day, etc. As a result, Unibet has become one of the softest online poker sites available to International players. 

Another way that Unibet ensures that they have, as they put it, "a level playing field for all players," is by removing player notes as well as the ability to save hand histories to the the players computer. Most poker sites allow the saving of hand histories to ones computer and thus, with those hand history files, a player can import them into popular tracking software such as Poker Tracker and Holdem Manager. However, the only access players have to hand histories at Unibet is within the poker client and unfortunately there is no way to save those files short of taking screenshots. This removes the ability of pro players to use heads up displays and tracking software against their opponents. Or does it?

There is in fact one software product that allows player tracking via heads up display on Unibet. That product is Holdem Indicator for PC and iHoldem Indicator for you Mac users. These two Unibet compatible software products use a technology called screen scraping in order to compile real time stats based off of the numbers displayed in the poker client. This technology allows you to bypass the lack of hand histories the site provides and now you can use a HUD. In fact, here is a screenshot of the program in action:

holdem-indicator-guaranteeThere are some limitations to the tracking that Holdem Indicator products can provide however. Unfortunately, since players can change names three times per day, the ability to track players long-term doesn't exist. Your Unibet HUD will only work on a per session basis. However, this is still wildly +EV for anyone using the Unibet HUD. Imagine the edge you'll have when you are the only reg at the table using a HUD. You will be able to identify the fish more readily. You will be able to play more tables since you can more easily track the basic stats of the players at a glance instead of having to remember who is who. Imagine what that will do to your hourly rate? (hint: it will increase it dramatically!) And thus, we give this tracking software and heads up display a 5-star rating!

Compatibility and Pricing

Professional Rakeback has an exclusive deal to offer discounts to our clients for Holdem Indicator branded products. Go on, do a Google search if you must, we're the only site offering an exclusive, built-in, no fuss discount. Normally the retail price of these products is $99.50. However, if you purchase your Holdem Indicator or iHoldem Indicator software through our links, you will automatically receive a 10% discount on your purchase. No coupons, no bonus codes, just click the link, which will take you directly to the software provider's website and you will see the discounted price in your cart. 

This software will provide you a HUD on virtually all games offered at Unibet. Holdem, Omaha, sit and goes, multi table tournaments, they're all compatible and Holdem Indicator will provide you a HUD display no matter which games you play. 

holdem-indicator-guaranteeHoldem Indicator also comes with a 7 day, 100% money back guarantee. If you, for some strange reason, feel that using a heads up display on Unibet, via the Holdem slash iHoldem Indicator software isn't +EV for you, simply contact Holdem Indicator for a full refund within 7 days of your purchase!

Purchase Indicator HUDs Below

Holdem Indicator is the heads up display you should choose if you use a Windows based PC. Normal price is $99.50 USD. By using our special and exclusive links, you can get Hold'em Indicator for the discount price of $89.50 USD!

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iHoldem Indicator is the software you should choose if you play Unibet on a Mac based computer system. Ordinarilly priced at $99.00 USD, by using our exclusive discount link below, you can get iHold'em Indicator for the reduced price of only $89.00 USD.

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December 2015 Update: Sometimes, when Unibet updates the software, the HUD will break. This typically lasts less than 48 hours until Holdem Indicator staff update the program. Once HI has created a new patch, you will need to uninstall HI and Unibet. You will then need to reinstall Unibet and then Holdem Indicator's newest version in order for your HUD to work again.

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Professional Rakeback makes no warranties, expressed or implied about the safety of using a HUD at Unibet's poker site. Do the math, make the most +EV decision, and play at your own risk.