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Winning Poker Network Rakeback - Get Max cashback at WPN

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WPN is one of those poker networks with quite a lot of choices.  There are at least a dozen different operators, or "skins" who operate on the WPN.  So many in fact that things can be a tad bit overwhelming.  Have no fear however, as Professional Rakeback is here to help!  If you need a refresher you shuould read our "What is rakeback?" article first.

Before we discuss the intricacies of rakeback on WPN, the first thing to understand about the WPN is that there are third party providers, and network owned skins.  Third party providers are independent companies who connect to the network in order to boost liquidity and offer more games to their players, and the network as a whole.  There are also a number of skins who are owned and operated directly by the WPN itself.  Not all skins provide rakeback, so we're going to focus on those that do offer rakeback in this article.

Network Owned Skins

Generally speaking, we send most of our players directly to WPN owned skins.  The reason for this is simple.  We know they are the most safe sites in the event of any issues on the network.  We've seen it happen before, and some of you may remember the network troubles on Merge Gaming Network, Revolution Network, and iPoker Network.  For those of you who don't know, sometimes 3rd party providers can come into conflict with the network and get kicked out.  Rest assured that we are certainly not going to recommend any rooms that we think this will happen at in the Third Party Operators section below.  All the rooms we suggest are legit, but we want you to know that it is possible that other companies can be forcibly removed from a network.  However, if that is a concern of yours, just stick to the WPN owned operations, and that possibility is becomes null and void.

There are four skins owned by the WPN, and they include: America's Cardroom, Black Chip Poker, True Poker, and Ya Poker.  Each has a slightly different marketing campaign and look in the software, but all are essentially clones of each other with regard to rake, VIP rewards, promotions, support staff, deposits, withdrawals, etc.  There are also some differences in the countries allowed.

Third Party Operators

After reading about network owned operators, why would you want to use a 3rd party operator?  Well, there are a couple reasons that one of these other companies plugged into the WPN might tickle your fancy.  We're going to list those reasons for you as well.  But once again, be advised, we are not including any 3rd party skins who we believe have, or will have, any issues in the future - we've just decided not to distract you with irrelevant sites and only include the safest 3rd party choices. 

The best third party skins and operators on the WPN include the likes of Poker Host, 5Dimes and Sportbet.  Each has a little something unique to offer that the network owned skins do not.  They also have stellar reputations for payout speed, much like the WPN, but with differing options, since each independently owned operator utilizes its own independent cashiering system.

The Pros and Cons of Our Suggested WPN Rakeback Sites

All WPN skins below offer rakeback.  The maximum amount of flat rakeback as dictated directly by the WPN is 27%, while the VIP program can yield over 60%.  Lower volume players are better off on rakeback, and higher volume players will earn more on the VIP program.  To know if you're making the correct choice, jump to this comparison below. 

Professional Rakeback offers the maximum 27% to all of our players on all of the skins below.  Now you may be wondering why to choose one skin over another if all have the same 27% RB percentage.  There are a few minor distinctions among the skins.  We'll list all of those for you however and let you choose what is right for you rather than make any blanket recommendations.  All you need to do is create your account using our links and you'll be set up with the maximum RB deal on all of the skins below.

America's Cardroom

Americas Cardroom rakeback link

PROS: Americas Cardroom is the flagship of the WPN and has the most bells and whistles of any skin.  It is the only skin to have a Mac poker client, currently in late stage public beta testing.  It is owned and operated directly by the WPN.  100$ up to $1,000 deposit bonus. If you deposit more than $50 with your initial bonus, you get an additional $50 in tournament bucks, between $1 and $6, each day spread out over 25 days.  27% on demand rakeback.
CONS: Sub standard sports and casino products, keep reading for better options.
BEST SKIN FOR: Maximizing initial deposit bonuses.
NEXT STEP:  Create an account by clearing cookies in your web browser (failure to take this step may preclude you from properly signing up for rakeback) and then clicking the ACR logo or go here to read a more detailed ACR review.
BONUS CODE: PROFRB27 (learn about other ACR bonuses)

Ya Poker

Ya Poker Rakeback sign up PROS: Up to $1,000 deposit bonus. 27% rakeback.  Multi-lingual support with fully staffed native Spanish and Portuguese speaking representatives available 24/7.  Owned and operated directly by WPN network.
CONS: Not available to American players.
BEST SKIN FOR: Players who's first language is something other than English and want smoother support.
NEXT STEP:  Create an account by clearing cookies in your web browser (failure to take this step may preclude you from properly signing up for rakeback) and then clicking the YAP logo or go here to read a more detailed review.

Black Chip

Black Chip rakeback sign up link

PROS: 27% rakeback.  Directly owned and operated by the same staff who run Americas Cardroom, the network flagship.  Up to $1,000 deposit bonus.  A smooth blue and black poker skin with a very fine fit and finish.
: Poor sports and casino action.  No Mac client.
  Looks. This is the most visually attractive skin.
NEXT STEP:  Create an account by clearing cookies in your web browser (failure to take this step may preclude you from properly signing up for rakeback) and then clicking the BCP logo or go here to read a more detailed review.

True Poker

True Poker Rakeback sign up link PROS: UK-friendly!  This was originally a stand alone poker room and was among the first skins to form the WPN.  True Poker has a $1,000 max bonus with 100% match on your first deposit.  27% daily rakeback.
CONS: Sports and casino products are sub-par.
BEST SKIN FOR: Long standing positive reputation, twice as old as any other skin on the network.
NEXT STEP:  Create an account by clearing cookies in your web browser (failure to take this step may preclude you from properly signing up for rakeback) and then clicking the TP logo or go here to read a more detailed review.


Is Rakeback the Correct Choice?

This may sound counter-intuitive coming from a website called "Professional Rakeback" but we don't believe that flat rakeback deals are the best choice for all players.  Some players, particularly high volume grinders, would be better off on the VIP system offered on these various poker sites.  You see, the flat rakeback programs are capped by the WPN at 27% weighted contributed rakeback.  This is by far the best choice if you pay less than $700 per month in cash game rake and tournament fees. 

If you player higher stakes, higher volume, or both, you may exceed the $700 per month figure stated above.  Between the levels of $700 and $1,100 per month, the waters are a bit murky on which program you should choose.  If you rake greater than $1,100 per month, you should definitely choose the Elite Benefits VIP program over the flat rakeback program, as it will yield superior results.  For the highest volume grinders, "effective rakeback" rates of over 60% are available on the Elite Benefits VIP program, which, as you can see, far exceeds the 27% flat rakeback deals offered by default.

Some things to consider if you fall in that murky range of $700 to $1100 per month in rake production and are unsure as to which program you should choose:

  • If you are willing to save CPs and use them in special tournaments such as the Online Super Series, you'll reap maximum benefits from the VIP program without having to save up for large cash bonuses.  Choose EB VIP.
  • If you are considered a NIT, EB VIP may be better for you since it uses "dealt method" rakeback as opposed to "weighted contributed" which is used in flat rakeback calculation.  For a NIT, the difference could be an effective 5% boost on VIP.
  • If you play inconsistently throughout the year, flat rakeback may be best, as the VIP program uses a calendar year long system which, over the course of the year, yields increasingly large levels of rakeback.  Status must be maintained monthly however with, albeit easy, minimum levels of play.
  • If you are in the middle but intend to move up in stakes, volume, or both over the course of this year, you will probably want to choose Elite Benefits in order to maximize your cashback returns later in the calendar year.
  • If you have a small bankroll and are playing outside of proper bankroll management techniques (shame on you!) we recommend that you choose flat rakeback since it can be redeemed every 24 hours instead of the VIP program, which requires that you save up combat points for purchasing cash bonuses or for use in special tournament series.
  • If you do not play tournaments at all, not even the $1,000,000 guaranteed tournaments the Winning Poker Network runs once per month, then flat rakeback may be better for you.

If you find yourself wanting more detailed information about how we came to the decisions we made, well, the answer is that we did the math.  We published it as well on a couple different pages along with a detailed chart.  You can find all of that on the VIP vs Rakeback page.

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