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2WinPower Offers Pirated Casino Software

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Though we focus mainly on poker here at Professional Rakeback, we're aware that many of our readers like to take a chance on casino games every now and again. Therefore, we believe strongly in warning our visitors away from unscrupulous organizations that provide an unwholesome gaming experience, like 2WinPower. This company isn't an online casino itself, but it does provide software to them. There's only one problem: This software is pirated and used without the permission of the legitimate developers.

About the 2WinPower Scam

2WinPower bills itself as a provider of “casino software solutions.” Many pages on its site highlight its savvy business practices and team of advanced programmers who can craft unique applications from scratch. However, this is mostly smoke and mirrors.

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Home Page of 2WinPower

The real agenda of the firm is to package and sell casino games that have been stolen from reputable vendors. The titles from its catalog come from BetSoft, Microgaming, Playtech, Realtime Gaming, and other renowned names in the casino gaming industry.

The site had actually been shut down in 2017 following reports from and action by slot machine developer Aristocrat. They convinced 2WinPower's ISP to boot these crooks from their servers. As a consequence, the domain was shut down.

However, LCB wrote an update on the fate of 2WinPower in February 2018 and revealed that this bogus enterprise was back with a new domain name: From this new virtual home, it's conducting the same shifty activities as it had before.

One would think that the principals of this organization would attempt to keep a low profile to avoid attracting negative attention. This isn't the case. They're active on Quora, Reddit, and several other online communities. They appear to be doing everything in their power to lure in the unsuspecting.

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2WinPower Shill on Medium

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2WinPower-Related Answer on Quora

How Do We Know the Games Are Fake?

LCB did painstaking research to establish that the games distributed by 2WinPower are illicit. First of all, they're hosted on different servers than the authentic software from the trustworthy gaming houses that released them. Furthermore, there have been changes in the code, which can be seen by inspecting the source while the program is open in a browser window. Finally, a few of the games have custom loading screens that mention 2WinPower.

The issues posed by these games include the possibility of security risks and gameplay glitches. More worrisome, perhaps, is the fact that the payout frequencies may have been altered from the originals. This means players might be getting a raw deal, thinking they're benefiting from the officially stated return-to-player percentages while in actuality getting fleeced bigtime.

What Companies Use This Counterfeit Software?

The ersatz gambling software lifted by 2WinPower was resold by Desoft Gaming, which passed it along to two of its customers, BetMaxValue Casino and Betstower. Untangling the corporate web of deceit linking these latter three entities is a tricky matter all the more so because they're now all defunct.

Of more interest perhaps at the present time is Burnbet Casino, which is still in operation. We've told you before about Burnbet, which uses games from 2WinPower and engages in all kinds of other disreputable practices as well, like the slow payment of winnings and making threats against negative reviewers. We once again reiterate our advice to avoid Burnbet Casino like the plague.

Home Page of Burnbet Casino
Burnbet Casino Website

Are Clients Aware of What They're Buying?

It may seem like a no-brainer that something's not right with 2WinPower. After all, how can a firm legally sell games that were made by others? Thus, you might be thinking that all customers of 2WinPower are aware exactly of what they're getting into.

Yet, there are many other honest organizations that have essentially the same business model, but they do it in an aboveboard way. Groups like EveryMatrix and SoftSwiss gather together offerings from multiple software producers and offer them as a single package to new and existing internet casinos. This lets gambling sites enhance their selections without having to deal individually with each development company.

It's not unfeasible that unwary or inexperienced casino execs might be duped into believing that 2WinPower's offerings are the real deal. This becomes even more likely when we consider the shills advertising the company across the internet.

Watch Out for 2WinPower

There are dozens of upstanding software distributors in the online casino space, so there's no reason to choose the unprincipled 2WinPower. Its products are counterfeit, its marketing misleading, and its entire business model unethical. Whether you're a player or a casino owner, you can do much better than 2WinPower's games. Fortunately, we've compiled a list of online casinos that conduct themselves uprightly.