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Merge Network Appears To Roll Out New Player Account Policy

The Merge Gaming Network appears to have instituted a new player account policy across partnered online poker rooms, including Carbon Poker, effective immediately.

One Account Policy at Merge Gaming Network?

It appears that moving forward, players will be limited to one account only on the Merge Gaming Network. Professional Rakeback is first to report on this change, and we are currently trying to confirm details with a network representative. Updates will be posted as soon as we have them.  Be sure to keep up with us on Facebook and Twitter for the most up to date information at all times.

Players that have multiple accounts on Merge Network skins would have all but one closed moving forward, according to our current information. does not know which will be designated as the sole account - we encourage players to contact us with their own information on this subject, and we will update this article accordingly.  It appears that this policy may only be selectively enforced, each case may be different, and we encourage you to speak to us for more information on your exact circumstances.

Carbon Poker is the leading online poker room on Merge; however, there are still several other partner skins that offer access to both online poker and sports betting. This new policy would only affect a very small percentage of players, and would be partially intended to combat "skin-hopping" to avoid player limitations.

Professional Rakeback speculates that this would also help to reduce withdrawals from multiple skins, reducing overhead and network costs. With less ability to 'game the system', Merge would free up further revenue to potentially syphon through to promotions and other benefits to the vast majority of players who have one account on one Merge-partnered skin.

The new policy would also curb what amounts to a minute 'loophole' that allows players to receive poker bonuses through several skins on the same network.

Merge has made some adjustments over the past number of months to further keep up with their competition. With the elimination of standard rakeback some time ago, Merge has continued to create opportunities for more players. Their multi-table tournament offerings, for example, have steadily been on the rise over the usually slow summer months. Traffic is up from previous months, and tournament guarantees are also up and being breached with regularity.

Again, Professional Rakeback encourages players to contact us with their situation so we can better help the community at large. We will continue to research more information over the next several days, and will report updates as soon as we have them.

Carbon Poker, the leading online poker room on Merge and consistently ranked among the top US-facing operations, offers players a slew of multi-table tournament, sit-n-go, and cash game choices for all skill levels. Carbon cashouts come well within stated timeframes among several methods of withdrawal, and Carbon sports reliable, safe, and dependable deposit options. For more information, check out our in-depth Carbon Poker review page here.

If these changes have adversely affected you in any way, please be sure to get in touch with Professional Rakeback for a personal consultation about your other available online poker and Rakeback options.  We specialize in the US poker sites, so we would be more than happy to help you find soft and fishy US player pools for you.

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