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Merge Skin Hero Poker Closes Today

Hero Poker Closes Operations on Merge Gaming Network

Professional Rakeback news has some sad news to report as regards Hero Poker. They are poised to leave the Merge Gaming Network, today on December 20th, 2012. Professional Rakeback's very own Kahntrutahn came out 2 days ago warning players via 2+2 forums that Hero Poker that it would be "extremely prudent" to spend their VIP points and MTT tickets as soon as possible.  This warning was made publicly so as to let players cash in on their points and multi table tournament tickets before it was too late.  When a skin on this particular online poker network closes, they do not in any way shape or form transfer over the liabilities of the former owners.  In this particular sense, as far as Hero poker players are concerned, this means that all tournament, sit and go tickets as well as Hero VIP Points are classified as liabilities of Hero Poker and will NOT be picked up or transferred over to whatever new skins a player chooses.

Kahntrutahn's advice turned out to be true.  Hero Poker's CEO, David Jung, confirmed today via 2+2 message boards that the skin was shutting its doors today.  Unlike RPM Poker skins closure, Hero Poker CEO did make a couple of public posts about the closure and promised that he would speak more on the issue in the future. After speaking with David Jung, Professional Rakeback can tell our loyal readers that the skin will likely open back up in the future, though it may not be what players expect.  The odds are that the new incarnation of Hero Poker will be on another network, possibly one that is not friendly to US players.  UPDATE: November 2014 - Hero Poker is alive and running again. As predicted it is not available to US players and is only functional and operational for players in the Philippines as it is licensed and regulated for that market alone.


What are US poker players to do now?

The next step for players now that Hero Poker is no longer in business is to transfer their accounts over to another Merge Poker skin. This will not save accumulated player VIP points or tournament tickets, but the real money balance in the accounts will be preserved as it is 100% guaranteed by the Merge Network. Professional Rakeback highly recommends, and is here to help you move over to, Carbon Poker, one of the best online poker sites for US players, as efficiently as humanly possible.  We know professional online rakeback grinders need to get back into action!  Please contact us immediately to get into the queue as early as possible!!  Also, don't forget to copy your notes and player icons from Hero to your new Carbon account!  See this article on how to transfer notes on a PC, and this article for Mac users!

If you are currently registered in a banned state, contact us... you may have overlooked a very simple and legal solution to your problem!