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Juicy Stakes Payout Update: New Ownership Living Up To Early Promises...So Far

Juicy Stakes Payout Update []


The early returns of Juicy Stakes' new payout policy - an initiative set out by new ownership group Zagox management - are starting to come in. And though players are of course rightly cautious in their optimism due to Juicy's long-time issues in this particular area, believes this is a positive first step towards the Revolution network online poker room once again becoming a major competitor in the US online poker market.

Once the ownership change was announced, Juicy Stakes asked players who had pending cashouts under the previous management group to resubmit under a new stated timeframe. Checks, they said, would now be in-hand to players within 9-11 calendar days (4 business days to process, 3-5 business days to send/receive). Direct bank and cash transfers would take 25-29 calendar days, and ROW payments (Skrill, Neteller, etc.) would fall closer to check timeframes ( is still working to find a precise stated timeframe for ROW payouts).

Already, within 5 days of the new ownership announcement on October 10th, players are reporting having received ROW-method payouts. Some who previously had waited months on end were now receiving their money in days. We've been able to record one such payout - an approximately 5 calendar-day wait for a Skrill payment of $738. However, several others have also posted receiving their cashouts as well, without the accompanying date of request data needed to catalog the payout for our Monthly Cashout Report.

UPDATED PLAYER REPORTED DATA! From 10/16 to 10/19 at 11:20pm EST, the following additional cashouts have been reported by players receiving payments:

CHECKS: 6 players reported received; 6.67 days average wait (2 days below Juicy's 9-11 day stated timeframe)
SKRILL/NETELLER: 2 players reported received: 4.5 days average wait (Skrill was 2 days, Neteller was 7 days)

As stated above, players are being cautiously optimistic that that will receive the money owed to them. Several seem convinced that the new ownership is simply another "shell game" in an effort to continue operations. However, has been able to make contacts within the new management team and we will be keeping a very close eye on developments as they occur. And with a new player-sharing relationship being built with long-time and trusted gaming operator Intertops Poker, there is reason to believe that this is indeed the start of a positive step forward towards rebuilding a proper relationship with players - a lot of whom have been cast aside and rightly frustrated with the way Juicy Stakes operated in the past.

Professional Rakeback will continue to post updates and will be cataloging Juicy Stakes payouts as they occur in various online poker forums in the coming weeks. Be sure to stay tuned here on the website for the very latest.

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