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COMMENTARY: Two Players Reach One Year Waiting For Payout From Lock Poker

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As Christmas Day has now come and gone, where millions and millions of children happily unwrapped presents and families gathered in merry cheer (well, some of them did), several online poker players will celebrated a far less desirable milestone, having waited months and months on end for their owed payout from Lock Poker. Two players, however, enjoyed their figurative lump of coal from the oft-maligned poker room. Their misdeed? They've had to wait a calendar year (and counting) to receive their withdrawal.

Their combined cashouts total a whopping $3,218.00, by the way. An unmeasurable drop in the bucket for most any legitimate business in any field, much less online gaming, where millions upon millions of dollars flow in each month. But this is Lock Poker, where even a few hundred dollars can stifle the withdrawal tubes in perpetuity throughout the universe (means forever), and it's a practice this company has been involved with for months.

Unless you are a online player who has been living under a rock, you've been hard pressed to avoid the endless negative press that Lock Poker has received in 2013. And they deserve every inch of it, having put hundreds and hundreds of players through their "it's everyone else's fault but ours" business model, where you can wait as long as it takes to rehab a fully blown out ACL before you get a withdrawal. And it doesn't matter if you're a US player or one from outside America - "ROW" players, as they are known, are getting the shaft just as hard as US players withdrawing via check or Western Union.

According to our own "IHasTehNutz", who has been keeping his Lock Pending Cashout Report going strong since May of 2013 in the popular Two Plus Two poker forums, 268 players at the time of this article's posting have reported to him their due payout. The report is delineated for players who've waited at least two months - and is only comprised of user submitted data (via forum PM communication to keep it as accurate as possible). Of those 268 who are still waiting for their money from Lock, an astounding 177 players have waited at least 6 months or more. Twelve have sustained 300+ day waits, while the average waiting time for ROW players on the report is right at six months (180 days).

Which leads back to the two players who have waited over a year. Both players submitted check withdrawals in December of 2012, completely unaware that one year later, they'd still be waiting for their money. They will have both endured two Christmas and New Year's holidays while waiting for their checks from Lock Poker.

When pressed as to why Lock Poker simply couldn't rush out payments to any players at any point in the past few months who've waited 300 days or more, Shane Bridges, Lock's current Social Media representative and former dedicated player rep on Two Plus Two, did not respond - the request for comment was sent on December 23rd. Which is not surprising - often when confronted with evidence attempting to hold the company even slightly accountable to reality, Lock tends to either ignore or deflect. This is par for Lock's course.

Surprising still is Lock's relative silence since the payout offer from Mr. Bridges began in November. Though inwardly touting their prowess, proclaiming in an email communication to have "cleared out 117 players on (the report)" within weeks - however Lock delineates it, of those 117 in that time span, two players confirmed receiving a payment - no articles on Lock supportive (re: "shill") websites, if such things still exist, have surfaced in months. The silence is deafening - perhaps even Lock realizes there is no way to spin this?

Don't count on it. Apparently, Lock has been on the short offensive, communicating with select players via telephone or email that payouts would be back to 7-10 days in 2014. Although no word was mentioned as to the fate of the incalculable total number of players owed from Lock Poker, future payouts would be back within superb parameters. The only problem here is this is not a new tactic - Lock likes to try to drum up preemptive deposits by assuring players that the future is going to be great. Only they fail in most every calculable measure, and their player totals continue to dwindle every month. Not even Game Intel, the stout tracking website, can gauge the current player totals at Lock right now. Therefore, PRB recommends that players in the USA stick to these poker sites, and players go here who wish to play online poker in Australia.

Two more players sit within two weeks of having waited one calendar year for a check payout from Lock. And unless some miracle occurs, they will hit the milestone as well. And who knows how many players will ultimately reach IHasTehNutz's list - the solid bet says 300 by mid-January is a "lock". Will it ever plateau? Will it ever end? And if it does, how will it?

When it comes to two players in particular, one assumes they don't really care. They just want what's owed to them.

And it's a terrible tale to tell this time of year.