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Limit Holdem Action Heats Up at Merge Gaming & Carbon Poker

Limit Hold'em action is picking up steam at Carbon Poker, PDC Poker and Aced - read more details and screenshots within...


Carbon Poker - Fixed Limit Holdem

As many of the loyal Professional Rakeback readers and clients know, our poker company has a soft spot reserved in our hearts for Texas Holdem, particularly fixed limit Texas Holdem which is often abbrevieated as LHE but at Merge Gaming it is listed as FLHE in the lobbies now. Now we feel the need to apologize in advance, because we do not have the full scope of games availableOn Saturday, August 5th, 2012, there were a tremendous amount of LHE games running!  

A number of our professional online limit holdem poker players were 6 and 8 tabling 10/20 LHE for many consecutive hours.  One really sick grinder of a player reported playing 5,000 hands, that is right, five thousand hands of fixed limit?! of LHE on Saturday before finally burning out.  He reported however that the action was still going fast and furiously.  Merge Gaming's undisputable highest volume player, Ineluctable, sent us a screenshot of the PDC Poker lobby (one of Carbon Poker's sister skins). The screenshot, as you will see below, was filtered only to show the highest stakes games available, showing 13 active tables!  The peak this evening was at least 15 games at one point! 

This may not seem like much to a no limit holdem Carbon Poker player, but this is an incredible amount of limit holdem games.  The only poker site with more games on it than this, for limit texas holdem, is Goliath, aka PokerStars.  Yup, Merge is the biggest among the US poker sites and PokerStars is the biggest poker room in the entire world.  Stars is approximately twenty times the size of the entire Merge Gaming Network combined.  Merge Gaming has far, far better game quality, but at the same time this happened, PokerStars was only running two or three more fixed limit games than Merge was.  Think about that for a bit eh?  Merge Gaming and Carbon Poker is THE PLACE to play FLHE games.

Also, stay tuned to Professional Rakeback... we have the inside scoop on upcoming LHE rake changes (lowering of the rake) for Merge Gaming.  An initiative spearheaded by Carbon Poker staff!

The Merge Gaming Network remains the premier source of Limit Hold'em action for any USA based players.  Tons of loose and fishy action, enough for any grinder to make his nut!  Sign up now!

Merge Poker LHE online games