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Merge Gaming Network - A List of Skins & Poker Sites to AVOID

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Merge Gaming Network Review

 Professional Rakeback no longer recommends the Merge Gaming Network. 

Merge Gaming was bought out by Jazette Enterprises. In 2015, they systematically destroyed their poker room through greed and avarice. If you play there now or are considering playing there in the future, don't bother.

You'll be dealing with people who hate poker players, ban winning players, slow pay, and more. They weren't always this way, but a new group took over and we can't work with them when they treat our players such. You're better offer going to one of the other friendly and legal US poker sites instead. They will give you the respect, and action, that you deserve.

Both Carbon Poker and Aced Poker - same exact service minus slight software color schemes - offer their players a great mix of cash games, tournaments, and arguably the best software among the US-facing rooms. Highly rated among US-facing poker rooms in cash game traffic and multi-table tournament options, both Carbon and Aced also pays its players efficient and in a timely fashion as evidenced in our own Monthly Cashout Report featuring Merge as one of the consistent highly rated US networks.


Merge Poker Skins & Sites

Here is a list of all of the known remaining Merge Network skins. It is not nearly as long a list as it once was. Some of you may remember that just a mere two years ago the Merge Gaming Network had over 70 skins. No, that is not a typo, Merge Poker consisted of well over seventy poker operators at one point in time. We are happy to see most of them go because the internal competition was just plain silly. Yes, we are looking at you Overbet, RPM Poker, FeltStars, and Lock Poker. Good riddance! Here are the remaining skins:

Carbon Poker Review
YouWin Poker Review

We only recommend those with reviews attached to them, otherwise we would offer all of the skins. Not that there is anything bad about them in so far as their poker payouts or integrity goes, but the bottom three skins do not allow players to play more than four tables at a time and are quick with the "table restriction" ban hammer. We give great detail on how you can take advantage of Carbon Poker and Aced Poker's offerings to US and Rest-Of World players alike. Be sure to check out those reviews to learn more - and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us via a variety of methods. Set up a personal consultation via Skype at any time!