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OverBet Skin Closes on Merge Gaming Network

The OverBet skin on the Merge Gaming Network has shut it's doors....


Good Bye OverBet Online Poker Skin


Professional Rakeback is not surprised to see this taking place.  OverBet had all but stopped advertising it's Merge Gaming Network brand over 6 months ago.  OverBet, often known on Merge for having a huge portion of the highest volume sit-and-go players dominating the SNG leaderboards, has finally succumbed to the pressure and "sold to a third party." 

OverBet refugees will be able to move their player balances, but not tournament tickets or accumulated VIP points, to any of the Merge Gaming Network's preferred partners.  This list includes Carbon Poker, Players Only, and Sportsbook.  ProfRB highly recommends Carbon for anyone reading this.  The VIP program at Carbon, and it's sister skin Aced Poker, which is also an option we can enable for you despite it not being listed as a preferred partner, caps out at 35% rewards.  Where as the rewards at Players Only and Sports Book max out at approximately 14%.  When one takes into account also that a player signing up with ProfRBcom will also have access to the 10k Rake race as well as our exceptional service, the choice is clear!

ProfRB will be happy to discuss your options for swapping over and what strategy would work best for you.  Please contact us via Skype, email, or get in touch with Kahntruthan on 2+2.