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Unibet Poker Review

Unibet Poker, a thorough review of rakeback, rewards, bonuses, software, game offerings and more.

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Unibet Review

Unibet is a sportsbook, casino, and poker site servicing most countries worldwide.  The main focus of their operations is on the European market.  The games are virtually anonymous due to the ability to change screen names up to three times per day.  This allows the recreational players to protect themselves and the professional poker players to hunt without being overly tracked by various tracking software packages.  The entire poker site has a very friendly and casual social feel to it.  All table avatars are cartoonish and well drawn, appealing to the recreational player.  The rewards system is remnicient of the new wave of achievement awards first brought out by Party Poker in 2014.  These entice recreational players to play more hands in order to achieve the next level and keep the games soft as warm butter.

Unibet has steady poker action up to the midstakes level.  For a site of its size, top 15 in the world, it has a extraordinary amount of micro and small stakes action in both NLHE and PLO.  This is likely the result of the very friendly policies for rec players.  The rake at the micro stakes is particularly good, the best in the industry as a matter of fact. For example, the rake at Pot Limit Omaha $25 tables is only a mere 3%, far less than the industry average of 5%. This makes the games extremely profitable for micro stakes grinders and thus a great place to build up a bankroll.

Casino players, sportsbook players, cartoony graphics, achievment awards, the abilty to change names, and hourly freerolls -- these things attract the fish in droves and thatis great for pro poker players.  Add to that a competitive 500 Euro poker deposit bonus and various poker promotions and Unibet poker becomes a very profitable poker site to play on.  Unibet is currently the 14th largest online poker site in the world.

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Unibet 500 Euro Poker Deposit Bonus

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Unibet no longer offers hand history files for download and storage on the player's local Windows PC or Mac.  This makes the use of heads up displays, tracking software, etc impossible... or does it.  If you are interested in using a HUD on Unibet, you should purchase a copy of Holdem Indicator or iHoldem Indicator, as both still function on Unibet Poker.

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