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Breaking News: Revolution's Fair Play Technology Is "Dead"

UPDATED (11:35am EST): The Revolution Network has removed its ill-fated "Fair Play Technology" across all partnered skins, according to sources. The only exception will be that of Lock Poker's "high stakes cash games", which will remain segregated from all other Revolution skins. 

Basically, this means that all cash game levels will no longer be subject to Fair Play rules and open to all players network wide (with the obvious Lock exception). For context, Lock's definition of "high stakes" is anything above 50 NL ($0.50/$1.00 and up).

Fair Play Technology was implemented on the Revolution network in early March of 2013. It served to break players into groups of skill in an effort to limit the amount of sharks "preying on casual players" and driving them away. Only it had the opposite effect when it was put in place (with little to no notice), and it immediately caused consternation amongst the online poker community. As a result, Revolution saw their daily player totals plummet. Along with repeated delays in cashouts for most skins on the network, players left in droves, causing a large loss in revenue for the entire Revolution "family".

One point of note: Intertops Poker, a PROFRB affiliate partner, is on the Revolution Network and will no longer be subject to Fair Play rules (EDIT: except in the case of Lock's high stakes games as outlined above). And as we have reported here on the website, Intertops has managed to avoid being lumped into Revolution's troubles and remains a viable, strong option for all players. For those players looking to opt out of this drama, we have plenty of alternative US online poker sites that we recommend playing on.

We will keep you apprised with the very latest as it becomes available.

A portion of this article referencing a quote from Lock CEO Jennifer Larson has been removed.