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Despite Revolution Troubles, Intertops Remains Strong and Viable

The Revolution Network of poker rooms has been the target of much vitriol from the poker community as of late, and most all of it has been truly warranted. From ridiculously slow cashout times to poor customer service and even some skins shutting down, "locking" up player funds - Revolution has managed to tarnish any grounds they may have made when Lock Poker was brought into the fold from Merge last year.

Speaking of Lock Poker, Revolution's largest poker room and, depending on which information you believe, may or may not be partial owners of the network - has been the biggest justifiable target of disgruntled players after swaths of them have been stuck in limbo due to extreme payout timeframes and questionable management of the skin's resources. Lock has been responsible in large part for the reputation that Revolution has earned, and that reputation may in part extend to other unrelated skins, some of whom simply find themselves guilty by association.

One place that has avoided all of those monikers despite being on the network is Intertops Poker, which has been in business since 1983 and knows a thing or two about operating a successful online establishment despite changing times and landscapes.

They started as a sports-book, earning an A-rating reputation through prompt payouts, keen customer service, and by making their customers feel as if they weren't in the wrong when an issue did arise - something other present-day rooms could take notes on. They were also one of the original Party Poker skins when that was rolled out in 2002, and their attention to fraud prevention leads an industry fraught with shady characters.

With over 30 years of experience at the ready, Intertops has managed to avoid the greed and deceit that many "flash in the pan" successful skins have fallen into. Their smart strategy towards US-players - a strategy seldom employed due to the fact a lot of American poker players are desperate to find a good room and thus, suceptible to skins willing to do anything to get their deposits - has been instumental in their success. By limiting their US player pool via invite-only entry, they've managed to keep their operating margins succinct and profitable, keep cashout timeframes extremely reasonable (checks within 5 business days, Western Union payments in no more than 2-3 business days), and have created a culture that is respectful of their management. In short, the players respect Intertops because Intertops respects their players.

Finally, Intertops has managed to create a feeling of saftey that doesn't exist most anywhere else in a post-UIGEA landscape. While no one is truly 100% ecstatic after Black Friday, Intertops has been able to build a trust through smart business decisions (minimal payments to affilates, staying away from ridiculous promotions that places such as Lock have in place), a commitment to efficient payout systems, steady yet non-intrusive email and "snail mail" communication keeping the players informed, and an overall business model that has stood the test of time and continues to keep them at the top of the business.

And don't forget about Intertops' 200% up to 1k deposit bonus! For more information on Intertops Poker, be sure to check out PROFRB's Intertops FAQ and Information section. And if you still don't have an account on Intertops, then PROFRB would be more than happy to sign you up! PROFRB would be honored to be your affiliate/advocate at Intertops and all US facing networks!

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