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Intertops Poker on The Horizon Poker Network FAQ

A comprehensive "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQ) regarding Intertops Poker Site on the Horizon Gaming Network.

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Professional Rakeback staff knows that there are often hurdles when working with a new online poker room.  With that in mind, ProfRB has created and is constantly updating and adding onto this FAQ.  If you note any errors, omissions, typos, or are unable to solve your problem after reading this FAQ, please contact us for further assistance! Enjoy!

Intertops FAQ

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I hear Intertops has the best cashier in the US facing poker market
? -- You heard correctly!  Intertops actually delivers on the speeds promised on the cashier page.  They also score very highly in our Monthly Online Poker Payouts Report.

But I can't sign up to Intertops if I live in the USA?  -- That too is correct.  In order to play on Intertops Poker, you'd need an "Intertops Invite" and not many are available. Have no fear though, Professional Rakeback has the ability to offer Intertops Invitations! We'll need to learn a bit more about you as a player first though.  Please visit our "Contact Us" page and we can arrange a short chat interview via Skype, AIM, or email to see if you are eligible to get invited to Intertops.

Where can I read about these cashier options?  --  Deposit/Withdrawal Options, Costs, and Timeframes Please note that poker payouts requested on the Friday, Saturdays and Sundays are processed on Wednesday.

Can I deposit with a credit card? -- Yes, credit card deposits have a very high % of working.  However, first time depositors with Intertops.EU cannot use a master card to fund their account.  We recommend a visa card (prepaid if you do not have one) or one of the  other methods of deposit listed on the website.  **NOTE:  One will have much more success with CC's if they fill out the Credit Card Authorization Form and send it in with their verification documents before depositing!

How does rakeback work at Intertops Poker?  -- Rakeback is 36% on the Horizon Gaming Network.  Intertops is special, and our Merge clients will appreciate this, in that they pay rakeback daily! Rakeback is released in $10 chunks each day.  If one does not reach a full $10 payment, it rolls over to the next day and is not lost.  For example, if one rakes $100 on Monday, they will receive a $30 rakeback payment on Tuesday, and have $6 of the next chunk worked off.  Should they rake another $100 on Tuesday, said player would receive $40 bonus on Wednesday ($36+6) and have $2 of the next chunk rolled over.  Another way to think of it is that you will receive a $10 rakeback payment for each $27.78 that you pay in rake.

How Do I View My Intertops Rakeback?  --  Go to and log in at the upper right hand corner with your USERNAME (not your TABLENAME!) and password.  Next go to the sportsbook page, as your sportsbook account is the main account for all three products Intertops offers (Poker, Sportsbook, Casino).   In the upper left corner, you'll see "account."   Click on that and then click on "all the bets" in the account history section.  Set options to the past 4 weeks.  Next search the report for  "Bonus!"  These "Bonus!" entries are your rakeback payments that are released in $10 increments daily.

How do I view my rake paid? -- Cashier > My Profile > Balances > Vip Status (only works for rakeback accounts).

What type of Initial Deposit Bonus am I eligible for?  -- Use bonus code 1000ITP for a $1,000 initial deposit bonus.  We recommend that one deposit  $500 or more to maximize this 200% up to $1,000 code.  This bonus code clears at ~27% for rakeback players and ~50% for VIP players.

How long do I have to clear the initial deposit bonus? -- The bonus code expires 90 days after usage whether or not the full bonus has been cleared.

Will making a withdraw cancel my uncleared bonus? -- Yes. Making a withdrawal will cancel your current, uncleared bonus. However, if you have other bonuses "stacked" (more on this below), after making a withdrawal, you can begin to clear a new bonus. Same rule applies thereafter - withdrawals will cancel a current uncleared bonus.

Where do I view the status of my active Bonuses? -- Log into the Poker Client, select Cashier, select Rewards, and finally click the Pending Bonus tab. 

I want to take advantage of this reload bonus, but I have other pending bonuses.  Do bonuses stack?  --  Bonuses stack at Intertops. Different bonuses can have different time frames to clear. One clears the bonus with the earliest expiration date first, even if one acquired it after another bonus with a later expiration date. This is done automatically and can be tracked in "My Bonuses".

Are there any clearance requirements deposits before I make a withdrawl?  Yes, If a deposit has not been turned over at least once before requesting a payout, a deposit fee of 10% will apply. If a net-rake (rake minus bonuses) of 10% of the deposited amount has not been accumulated before requesting a payout, a deposit fee of 10% will apply. 

Are there any clearance requirements on user2user transfters before i can withdraw?  Yes, If a user2user transfer has not been turned over at least once before requesting a payout, a user2user transfer fee of 10% will apply. If a net-rake (rake minus bonuses) of 10% of the user2user transfer amount has not been accumulated before requesting a payout, a user2user transfer fee of 10% will apply..

Gold Chip Bonus, instant or clearance required?  -- Clearance required.

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Part of my balance appears to be missing?  -- No, your balance is all there and safe in Intertops segregated and independent cashier!  One may not be able to view one's full balance in the poker client due to one's Poker Table Limits being less than their actual balance.  Simply go to the Intertops poker homepage (www dot intertops dot eu/poker) and log-in.  When logged in click ‘My Account’ in the top right corner and you will be redirected to your sportsbook account (this is your main account for all three Intertops products). You will be able to see four options: Account Balance, Account History, Account Settings and Account Bonus Scheme.  Alternatively you should also be able to see your full balance by going to Cashier > Balance.

How Do I Increase My Poker Table Limits? -- Easily, we wrote an article with that will tell you exactly how to increase your Intertops poker table limits, here are the details!

I Am Swapping To Intertops From Cake Poker, Lock Poker, Juicy Stakes, Some Other Random Horizon Skin.  Can I Transfer My Player Notes? -- Why yes you can swap all of those difficult to obtain player notes by following these instructions on how to transfer player notes at Intertops & Juicy Stakes!

Where Do I Find The FPP Leaderboards and rake races? --  You can find information on the Intertops and Juicy Stakes shared rake race | FPP Leaderboard

That's great but I want to view my my FPP status in REAL TIME!? --  To do so please do the following:

1. Log into the poker client
2. Click 'Rewards' in the top menu bar, scroll down and click 'Gold Chips'.

Here you can see your Gold Chip meter. The small number just below the meter shows your current FPP standing and this is updated in real time. Look there at the beginning of your session and then keep track of your progress.

Speaking of software, what about hotkey and productivity software? -- Professional Rakeback recommends that one use PokerTracker and PokerTableRatings for tracking one's own play and that of one's opponents.  Insofar as hotkey software goes, please look into Key-Poker or TableDroid at Intertops.  Please use the Professional Rakeback menu up top to navigate to "Resources > Best Poker Software 2014" or simply click this link Useful Online Poker Software.

The Instant Play client - how does that work? -- Your computer will need to have the latest version of Microsoft’s SilverLight installed. We strongly recommend that you allow pop-up windows as this allows you to view all our content such as your Player Rewards, the Cashier and other useful content.

Can I use my MAC for Instant Play? -- Yes! Instant Play is browser based and usable via PC or MAC. At this time, Instant Play is suitable for Safari. MAC Chrome does not currently support Instant Play, unfortunately. Try our Mac friendly poker sites guide for more information.

My auto-top up doesn't work?!? -- This is a software glitch network wide.  A work-around is to set your auto-top up to 115bbs and it will work properly!

Can I block my access to poker for a certain amount of time?  -- You can send a request by email to poker at intertops dot eu; but please see the below "exclude from casino" for further information!

Can I exclude myself from the casino? -- Yes, simply call them up or contact them via email or live support.  However, do NOT even jokingly, and we mean UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES tell them that you have a gambling problem.  Your account will be closed and you will be banned for life. Unless of course it's true and you want to be banned from the site (and potentially others by being on a shared industry database for problem gamblers).  PROFRB supports responsible gambling!

FOUR color deck please? -- Open the poker client.  Choose "Options" from the top menu.  Next choose "themes."  Lastly, select "Simple (Four Color Deck)" for the appropriate game type.  Options are Play Money, Ring Games, Sit and Go, and Tournaments.

If I'm involved in a multi-table tournament and there is a technical glitch, what happens? --  We have all of the tournament cancellation details right here > Horizon Network Tournament Cancellation Policies

How do I verify my Intertops account? -- The process required to verify your account at Intertops is pretty standard.  Photo ID and proof of address in the form of a physically mailed bill of some kind is all that is necessary (PRO TIP: many online PDF copies of bills work as well).  For full instructions click here to learn about how to verify an Intertops account.