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Winning Poker Network (WPN) Reinstates HUSNG Hypers

Winning Poker Network puts HUSNG Hypers back on the menu....


Heads Up Sit n Goes Return to Winning Poker Network

Professional Rakeback warned players of upcoming down time at the Winning Poker Network in a recent poker news post on our blog.  The online poker network shut down its profitable cash games and multi table tournaments for a much needed and anticipated software client update.  Unfortunately this introduced a bug into the heads up sit and go games whereby both opponents were not seated at the same time.  This poker software but heavily affected the heads up sit and go Hypers format since hyper turbo heads up sit and goes play so quickly - average game is barely three minutes in duration.  The first player seated was able to steal 2-3 blinds before the other player could even react.  This was an extra ordinary advantage for which ever opponent managed to connect to the table faster by virtue of having a super fast internet connection, or being located more closely to the gaming servers.  Naturaly poker pro regulars noticed immediately and began ruthlessly exploiting the bug for profit.  WPN noticed the issue and quickly removed the Hyper HUSNGs so as to avoid any further pissed off customers!

Spanish and Latin single table tournament players should play at YaPoker, read our YaPoker review, to avoid delays in accessing the game servers. As of yesterday, these heads up sit and goes HUSNGs were added back to the available games list in the Winning Poker Network's poker tournament lobby.  The fix to the game and software client was to add a delay to the start of said heads up tournaments so that both players can be present for the posting of the first round of blinds.  This nullified the advantage players with fast connections or lucky geographical location had over their fellow players.  This bug was only in existence for a brief amount of hours and only a handful of players were affected adversely.  Most of those were compensated as far as Professional Rakeback has been able to ascertain at this point in time. 

The Winning Poker Network's heads up sit and go single table online poker tournaments are low edge games with relatively expensive rake.  We recommend that our players extensively study our rakeback vs VIP Elite Benefits guide to see which rewards and cash back program is right for them so that they may maximize their return on investment.  ROI in hyper turbos can greatly be increased with the proper selection of rewards.

If you haven't tried the action at heads up sit-n-gos on the WPN yet, then please try out one of our partners America's CardRoom (ACR) and True Poker.  Also on the Winning Poker Network is A+ Rated Sportsbook, Bookmaker (they don't offer rakeback, so if you want to play Poker, pick ACR or True, though the best gambling lines are on Bookmaker if you like to bet sports!)  As always, if you have any questions or concerns or just want to chat with PROFRB's friendly staff, contact us here!