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Aviator Crash Game Review - Predict The Plane Crash & Win Crypto

Are you a crash gamer looking for a new crash casino game to play? Or maybe a crypto casino player that's new to crash gambling?

This Aviator crash review will introduce you to the fun you can have to predict when the aeroplane will crash. Decide on a stake, make your bet, predict the time of the crash correctly and collect your crypto winnings.

Aviator crash game review

Aviator is an online casino crash multiplayer game developed by game software developer Spribe and released in February 2019. It certainly isn't the first crash gambling game to step onto the crypto betting scene but it is among the older ones. Aviator brings a good amount of excitement to players looking for a crypto casino game where pure chance determines whether they win or not.

This fast-paced stalwart among crypto casino games offers a fair RNG that gives players reasonable odds of getting some winnings, a very good theoretical return to player (RTP) of 97.00% and a theme using new technology that perhaps suits this kind of online game perfectly. With this information, it's easy to see that Aviator is among the best-known crash games out there. For many crash gamblers, it is synonymous with the whole idea of playing crash games.

Where can I play the Crash Aviator game for real money?

Crypto crash gambling games are far removed from the classic casino games you'll find in most online casinos. So, you don't find them in all casinos. Some big names in the gambling industry that do offer Aviator in their games library include:

  • 1xbet
  • Bet365
  • William Hill

While you may find your choices of where to play slightly limited, the usual requirements and benefits of playing in casinos apply. Most operators offer a wide range of games, deposit bonuses to new account holders, and plentiful deposit options.

Real player comments on the game

Judging by other real player comments in reviews from around the internet their views seem to broadly match our own impressions gained by playing many Aviator crash rounds. Some of those comments include mainly positive but occasional negative sentiments like:

  • "a well-known game with cool feaures"
  • "the graphics are good and the gameplay smooth"
  • "the game tends to lag a bit"
  • "it's a really enjoyable experience"
  • "it will keep you entertained for lengthy periods"
  • "it's impossible to beat the game but the overall fairness is unquestionable"

Game mechanics/theme – How does Aviator Crash work?

Aviator crash is an altitude-based online casino game in which you're effectively the pilot in an aeroplane that climbs higher and higher, with an ever-increasing win multiplier, until that aircraft crashes at a height which marks the winning multiplier. Players who cashed out at an altitude before the crash win their respective multiplier times their original stake, while ones who didn't take their chances to cashout lose their bets.

Aviator has a really simple theme that best matches the whole idea of a crash game. The plane goes up and up to the level where it crashes and takes all the remaining bets with it. It's a fun ride each and every time, and Aviator does its thing really well.

Aviator Crash game basic facts

How do you play Aviator and bet on the rounds?

Betting on Aviator is simple. Decide your preferred stake for any particular round, and place the bet. If you want to place multiple bets, simply add another wager by repeating the process.

The bets can range from $0.01 to $100 or the equivalent in your selected cryptocurrency. Wherever you play Aviator, expect to see several hundred other players alongside you, with their results clearly displayed on the screen on the left.

Watch the progress of each flight carefully and try to cashout before the crash. The odds showing at the time of the crash are the highest multiplier you might have reached, with your win decided by the multiplier showing at the time of your cashout. 

Screenshot of the Aviator betting interface

Are there any complicated game rules?

Game rules are pretty straightforward. Clearly, the main rule is you'll need to hit the cashout (or have determined the right time to cashout with the autocashout feature) before the aircraft crashes.

There are minimum and maximum bet sizes, although you can circumvent these to an extent because you can place multiple bets in a round.

What odds can you expect to see in any Aviator crash round?

The lowest odds you'll see is a 1 if the plane crashes straight away. The highest is 200. You'll encounter both these odds quite rarely, with crashes occurring between 2 and 4 being much more likely.

Over a series of tests, we saw the following results. That doesn't necessarily mean you'll have the same experience, but the figures are an indicator of what you might expect:

  • x1 - experienced once in 40 take-offs.
  • x1 to x1.20 - roughly one round in every 10.
  • x2 to x 4 - routinely and regularly.
  • x4 upwards - once or twice every 10 rounds.
  • Over x100 - once in 230 rounds.
  • Over x200 - very rarely, maybe once every couple of hours play.

Key features - Graphics quality, artwork, animations

Since Aviator is one of the first crash games, everything is quite simplistic in this game. That's not to say that it's bad – it's just simple, and everything is where it should be. That makes the whole experience immersive, not annoying at all, and pleasurable for longer playing sessions. Perhaps even more so than some other crash games that try to do too much with the graphics and gameplay.

The multiplier is clearly visible at all times, the climbing aeroplane increases the tension and the excitement, and above the screen, there is a list of where the last 25 flights crashed. 

The key features include:

Auto Cashout - Auto cashout is a feature found on most crash gambling games that allows you to set a level where your bet will cashout automatically. In other words, you specify in advance the height the plane will reach in the current round, and if the aircraft reaches that height, the cashout gets activated without you needing to do anything else.

Auto bet - Auto bet is often known also as autoplay. It's a game function that places wagers automatically. It's useful for when you want to replay previous the previous bet with the same stake. 

Aesthetics, user experience

Aviator did it right and it remains among the most popular crash games despite many newcomers to the niche. The game interface is easy on the eyes, exciting, and simple to play. This simplicity in the gameplay leads to immersion in the game's mechanics. It doesn't take long to get hooked when you wager on this game.

The betting console is really simple, it's easy to change your bet and place it in time for the next round. Setting up the auto-bet feature and the cash-out value is also simple and straightforward.

This is one flawless gambling experience where nothing will distract you from what's really important – the win multipliers.

Tension and anticipation value

Being first is not always a good thing. In Aviator, the multiplier simply increases until it stops abruptly, with a message that the aeroplane flew away. In the period between the start of the flight and the crash there isn't anything that would further increase the anticipation. Unlike other crash games, the speed-up of the multiplier increase isn't too noticeable so it doesn't add to the tension.

RTP, house edge and variability

Aviator RTP is declared to be 97.00%, but some sources say it can be higher or lower, depending on which casino you play at.

This means that the random number generator (RNG) is set up so the game offers wins that are 3% smaller than they would be if the game was 100% fair.

It won't matter much to you as a player because your profit will depend largely on when you cashed out, meaning, on pure luck. RTP of 97.00% is here to simply inform you that the game doesn't keep a large chunk of bets for itself and that it is, in fact, fairer than most slot games.

The Aviator algorithm seems to be set up to offer enough low-hanging fruit in the form of easy 1.15 wins for those who wish to take them, but will sometimes abruptly end the flight at 1.03, and then there are larger wins such as 6.00 or even 13.00 that you have to have the nerve for. It seems to be a well-balanced game.

Betting strategies

In Aviator, it's easy enough to land that small win, except when you lose because the crash ended early. But then again, all bets are lost when that happens and you'll get no winnings. This is a game feature; it prevents the game from being exploitable with almost instantaneous cashouts. Sometimes the flight crashes at 1.00.

Chasing multipliers under 2.00 seems to be the worst strategy as the flight crashes at sub-1.30 levels way too regularly to make a profit, so it seems the decisions here are to go for a very small 1.15 win, aim to play autobet and autocashout somewhere between x2 and x4, or to wait for that huge 15.00+ win.

Playing the game manually and trying to catch the right multiplier by clicking the cashout button at the last second is probably the most exciting (and nerve-wracking) way to play Aviator. However, it's probably better to avoid split-second decisions by setting up the auto-bet feature.

For example, you might want to set up your cashout value at 1.50 and play maybe 20-30 games with that value, and then increase or decrease it as you wish for the next batch of games.

Really, the key strategy is actually a personality-based skill. It's practising discipline, a key personality trait in virtually all forms of online gambling.

Having discipline means you can make clear-headed decisions when you're betting online. That means taking your time and not rushing in with wild bets and letting emotions control your actions.The best advice is to stick to low stakes and play for fun. If you get a few wins and your bankroll is healthy, then take the chance to have a bigger bet.

So, bankroll management is key. It'll be a wise approach to let the amount of your bankroll at the start of a session determine the size of your wagers. If you aim to play through your bank over say a series of 200 rounds, you may be able to balance your wins and losses and guarantee the maximum entertainment value from that session.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Aviator is not a beatable game. Any success in playing it will depend on luck, as the game is set up so you can't just choose a clever strategy and walk away with a win. That being said, there are many people who made money on Aviator. The trick is to walk away when you're ahead.

Yes, there is a free demo Aviator game where you can try out Aviator for free to see how it feels. Playing in demo mode is actually a great way to get used to the look and feel of the game, how to place bets, and the mechanics of the gameplay overall.

There's a demo version of the Aviator game available on the Spribe developer site.

The maximum bet per round when playing Aviator in most online casinos is $100 or the cryptocurrency equivalent. This is a fast-paced high-variance game, so you'd tend to classify a wager of $100 as a really big bet.

The highest possible win multiplier in Aviator is 200x. This means you'd win $2,000 or the cryptocurrency equivalent on a $10 bet provided you cashed out before the crash.

There are no known cheats or hacks for winning at Aviator. Careful betting is your best strategy for regular wins.

The best low risk way to play Aviator is to place bets for small amounts over a long playing session while aiming for small wins at a multiplier of around 1.20x.This low risk betting strategy will mean your losses are kept small but equally means your profits won't be big either.

The length of each Aviator round varies. If the plane crashes quickly, a round could be under a few seconds. If you can hold your nerve and wait as long as possible for a crash, a round could typically last up to 30 seconds or so.

Aviator In-Game Chat is a chat system that allows you to chat with other players in the game. The chat system is available in both English and French. You can use the chat system to ask questions, give tips, or just chat with other players.

For sure, you can play Aviator on the full range of user devices, including mobile phones and tablets, using any of the standard operating systems like Windows, macOS, iOS, or Android.