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Cafe Casino is an online gambling site that is related to the Bodog, Bovada, Ignition,, and Joe Fortune platforms. Although all of these sites boast impeccable reputations in the online gaming industry, the licensing details for Cafe Casino were not clear until it revealed that it had obtained Curacao eGaming licensing at the beginning of 2021.

Cafe Casino has obtained licensure from Curacao eGaming

Licensing Evidence

Magnifying Lens

If we visit the website, we can scroll to the bottom of the homepage to locate the Terms of Service. Clicking the Terms of Service and identifying item number 8, we can view the following:

The CafeCasino Terms of Service contain a link to info about the license issued by Curacao eGaming

By clicking the link titled "click here", we can view the Curacao eGaming license verification.

This page shows that is properly licensed out of Curacao

We can easily see that the "" and "" URLs are properly licensed. We can also see that the company that registered the license is Arbol Media B.V. Also included here is an email for dispute resolution in the unlikely event you have an unreconcilable dispute with Cafe Casino.

Curacao eGaming also provides the complete public license certificate which includes a signature from the official who approved the license. We can locate this by scrolling a little bit further down the webpage.

The complete certificate issued to the operators of

The documents we have reviewed above are provided to prove that Cafe Casino holds a valid gaming license. With that being said, we did encounter one minor concern. All of the documents are displayed by visiting the site. It would be highly unlikely, but it is plausible that an unscrupulous operator could display fake accreditation.

Curacao eGaming recognizes this as a valid concern and therefore provides a search register so you can verify the validity of any licensed site. Please feel free to click the link provided to begin a query using the search register. All you need to do is type in the URL you would like to search for ( in this circumstance), complete the CAPTCHA, and then press "Search".

The search register tool shows is licensed

We can see towards the bottom of the search the word "Licensed" in a green text box. It is clear that Cafe Casino holds a valid gaming license issued by Curacao eGaming.

License Validation

We here at ProfessionalRakeback would like to provide a link to verify the Cafe Casino licensing documentation, but because each link expires after a short while, you'll need to verify the validity yourself.

You can view the documents by visiting the website, heading to the Terms of Service, and then scrolling down to item number 8.4. Clicking on the Curacao eGaming seal located at the bottom of the homepage should also bring up the licensing validation.

Alternatively, you can utilize the search register link provided earlier in this article if you would prefer to bypass the Cafe Casino site, although you won't be able to view the full documentation this way.

Does Valid Licensure Have Any Impact?

When it comes to the daily operations of Cafe Casino, it is likely that holding a valid license doesn't have any impact. Cafe Casino is a partner site of the trustworthy Bovada and Bodog gaming platforms, which have both been in operation for around 20 years. Although Cafe Casino is a bit of a newcomer in the online gaming industry, in a few short years it has already proven itself to be a highly-reputable gaming option.

One clear benefit of the licensing is that in the unlikely event that you encounter a dispute with Cafe Casino, you can contact Curacao eGaming to investigate and hopefully resolve your issue. It is our hope that the licensing can help in attracting new players while adding legitimacy to the industry as a whole. There is no question that licensure is a positive step forward.

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The licensing certainly adds a layer of legitimacy to the Cafe Casino platform, but even prior to this, it maintained an excellent reputation by offering fair gaming and fast payouts. We strongly recommend that you visit Cafe Casino if you like to play casino games like slots, table games, live dealer games, and video poker. To learn more about this site, feel free to peruse our detail-oriented Cafe Casino review.

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