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Run It Once Poker LEGENDS Rewards: 75% Rakeback

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It’s always important to understand what your customers want and need, and if you can provide that, then the likelihood is that your client base will remain satisfied. Run It Once, the poker room that was set up by former pro Phil Galfond, chose to question its players regarding how they are rewarded, and the feedback it received has now been brought into effect. A new loyalty scheme has been introduced called Legends, which provides players with a wonderful throwback to the more classic rakeback-style schemes.

New Legends System at Run It Once Poker

What Does the New System Provide?

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The Run It Once Poker platform, which was announced in August of 2016 but didn’t actually launch until February this year, introduced its new loyalty scheme on Monday, Nov. 25. With this in place, players will now be able to earn up to 75% in total rakeback every single week. So, how does this new system work and does it really benefit players more so than the previous loyalty program?

Well, as it happens, the Legends scheme will actually run in co-existence with the original rewards program, known as Splash the Pot rewards. That scheme has simply gone through a bit of re-engineering in order to allow Legends to be involved alongside.

Legends will allow players to earn between 10% and 30% in cashback, with the amount being dependent upon the tier that they’re on. These rewards go directly to the player as cash sums, and they’re paid out at the end of every week.

To add to that, if a player manages to maintain the same rank or tier for a period of four weeks in a row, then the rakeback has the potential to increase to 45% in total. So, now the question is: How exactly can you get 75% cashback from something that’s touted as offering only up to 45%?

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Splash the Pot Changes

Due to the fact that both the new Legends reward scheme will be active as well as the original Splash the Pot program, the rewards from both can be combined to enable you to get more out of the Run It Once Poker site. Prior to the introduction of Legends, the Splash the Pot system gave its players 51% of all the rake that was collected at tables in the shape of additional cash, which was distributed at tables in intervals between a single big blind and 1,000 big blinds.

Those extra big blinds used to be placed in the middle of the table prior to the start of a hand, and play would continue as normal from there. Things are a little bit different with the new setup, though. Every hand that is dealt has a chance of activating the Splash the Pot feature, just as originally took place. That chance is actually based upon the size of the pot from the previous hand, so basically, the bigger the pots that are played at the table, the more rewards you will receive.

As a hand is dealt, you’ll know when Splash the Pot is active as gold chips will be dropped into the pot, and the table will glow. Each gold chip in the pot represents one big blind in the game being played with bronze chips valued at 25 big blinds and platinum chips being worth 100 big blinds. The winner of the hand will collect not only the main pot but the Splash the Pot bonus money too.

Players also don’t have to worry about risking their chips every time a table reaches a splash of 100 big blinds or above. In a major change from the way things were done before, everyone participating in the hand will be competing for the splash amount with all participants automatically all-in for free without having to put any money in the middle.

The winner will take 70% of the pot while the remainder of that, totaling 30%, will be shared out to all the other players competing in the hand. This way, everyone gets the opportunity to share the pot, rather than it all being given to one single player.

The percentage rakeback of Splash the Pot has now been reduced from 51% down to 30% to make way for the Legends scheme. Now, though, if you combine the 30% Splash the Pot reward with the maximum of 45% from Legends, an overall amount of 75% cashback can be claimed.

What Exactly Does Legends Incorporate?

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It didn’t take long for Galfond, who recently requested that players take him on in a heads-up challenge so as to raise awareness of the Run It Once poker room, to explain the details behind the new Legends system either.

Phil GalfondPhil Galfond Designed the Legends System to Supplement Splash the Pot

The system itself is made up of five tiers, which are called:

  • Clubs
  • Diamonds
  • Hearts
  • Spades
  • Legend

Each of those tiers has its own set of five levels incorporated into it too except Legends, which has unlimited levels. Players earn a single point for every €0.05 paid in gross rake, and there are also bonus points awarded for other activities at the site, such as the following:

  • Each week, players will receive 10 bonus points for logging into the client for the first time.
  • Help to start tables and earn an extra 66% boost on all of the points that are earned while playing 3-handed.
  • Save tables from breaking and you’ll earn double points while playing heads-up.
  • Whenever a player plays their first hand of the day, a 25 point boost is applied to the account.
  • Every time a player levels up or ranks up, then extra boost points are added to the account.

Any player achieving Legend status for four consecutive weeks will receive an additional 15% rakeback on top of the standard 60% for this tier, which is how players can get 75% in total effective RB returns. The rakeback rates with both the Splash the Pot and Legends rewards combined (excluding the consecutive weeks bonus) are:

  • Clubs: 40%+ (Made up of 10% Clubs Reward and 30% Splash the Pot)
  • Diamonds: 42.5%+ (Made up of 12.5% Diamonds Reward and 30% Splash the Pot)
  • Hearts: 45%+ (Made up of 15% Hearts Reward and 30% Splash the Pot)
  • Spades: 50%+ (Made up of 20% Spades Reward and 30% Splash the Pot)
  • Legends: 60%+ (Made up of 30% Legends Reward and 30% Splash the Pot)

As long as you earn 60 points per week, you’ll be considered as a Clubs tier player and eligible to receive both rakeback and Splash the Pot rewards. The Legends tier guarantees players €900 in cash rewards for 90,000 points accrued during the week. Upon reaching Legends, players get a 5,000 points bonus, and then after collecting a further 10,000 points (by raking €500), you’ll receive €150 and another 5,000 point boost. You can repeat this process ad infinitum to get €150 back for every additional €500 raked, which is 30% rakeback.

All players will be able to track their status in the Legends rewards program by looking at the progress bar that is viewable in the main lobby, which shows alongside their Splash the Pot winnings.

Reasons for Revamping Rewards

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Speaking of the original reward scheme, Phil Galfond explained more about the situation in a recent blog post, saying:

It’s been a very well-liked feature amongst most of our players, but since launch, we’ve also heard grumblings from players who have wanted something more – something similar to what they’re used to seeing on other sites.

Phil Galfond has stated from the very beginning that he intends to be transparent with players at Run It Once Poker although he did recently indicate that he had always wanted to have a secondary rewards system in place beyond the splashed pots. The reason that Splash the Pot was the only one launched initially was because Galfond and his team believed that it was a strong rewards scheme.

However, it’s also true that Galfond has been constantly trying to shake things up in the online poker world by introducing new features to his site. Even though this is the case though, players have still been constantly requesting traditional rakeback rewards, which is something that exists as a standard at many other platforms.

Rakeback IllustrationRakeback Improves Players' Results by Refunding a Portion of the Money Paid in Rake

Generally speaking, it’s probably quite true to say that players like to be able to claim something that is reliable and that depends upon their own personal playing history rather than solely on the poker room and its random number generator. As long as a player utilizes money on games, then they can generate rakeback in predictable amounts and intervals.

Galfond himself acknowledged that he has had conversations with people who had actually refused to count Splash the Pot as rewards when comparing Run It Once with other sites. This, he said, was because they can’t count on it in the same way that they can with flat rakeback. Therefore, Galfond’s poker site was viewed by many as giving zero rakeback and just the occasional extra money in a pot that they have the potential to win.

Find a Site with Rakeback for Yourself

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Galfond’s Run It Once poker room isn’t alone in offering rakeback-style rewards to its clients. Although the heyday of rooms offering unbelievably high rakeback percentages to new customers is long gone, there are still quite a few sites that do provide it to their valued members, and today’s RB solutions are perhaps more reliable and sustainable long-term than many of those in the past (after all, there’s a reason why they are in the past). RunItOnce is not available to players in the United States, but whether you’re an American or a poker player in some other country, you can check out our guide to legit online poker rakeback deals to get yourself hooked up with a valuable rakeback arrangement.