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Americas Cardroom SUFFERS from Multiple Glitches

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If you’re regular enough visitor to ProfessionalRakeback, then you’ll know that we recommend Americas Cardroom as a poker room for US players to sign up to and play at. There are multiple reasons why this has become one of the most respected online poker sites.

However, even these preferred sites go through their periods of suffering from issues, and the end of April saw Americas Cardroom endure multiple glitches, leading to a throng of disgruntled players. Members of the poker room angrily took to their social media accounts to report on several issues with the site, complaining of such things as missing cards and problems with recent software updates. These recent issues follow similar software irritations that took place just a couple of weeks earlier.

Software Glitches at the WPN

An Update to Americas Cardroom Introduces Bugs


It’s not an uncommon process for online poker rooms to go through software updates. In fact, it’s quite necessary in many cases to ensure that players get to experience all of the latest perks and features. The Americas Cardroom site went through such recently although it seemed as though everyone wasn’t able to successfully download and install the update without issue. One Twitter user going by the name of “Cariene” reported an error appearing on her screen when she tried loading it up.

Tweet About ACR Update Problems

It didn’t take long for the support team at Americas Cardroom to respond to her with some alternative instructions on how to download and install the update. Another user reported not being able to actually access their account at Americas Cardroom so that they could check it. Yet, it wasn’t just the latest update that was causing issues for others with the recent tournament issues connected to the Winning Poker Network (WPN) remaining quite the problem. People were still reporting that they had deposited money and it hadn’t actually transferred or that the refunds they were supposed to receive from the randomly cancelled tournaments still had not reached them.

Failed Logins and Inaccessible Tournaments

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Of course, while customers of online poker rooms will frequently complain about issues like the speed of withdrawals and refunds, technical gameplay problems tend to be much less common in occurrence. On Tuesday, April 28, a Twitter user going by the name of “andy neuner” posted a screenshot of the Americas Cardroom site being stuck on a loading page, questioning if the site was down for maintenance because he couldn’t get any of the games to load on his screen.

Tweet About ACR Not Loading Correctly

Americas Cardroom responded to his post, informing him that technical difficulties were currently being experienced on their end. The post referred back to a slightly earlier tweet sent out by the company explaining that all tournaments had been canceled for the day and anyone who had entered into them would also be refunded.

It was reported by another user on the same day that the client itself seemed to be operational as he could see the tournaments and tables at Americas Cardroom while he was logged out of his account. However, he suggested that perhaps the login server was down because when he tried logging in to the platform, everything would freeze for him, and none of the links were clickable.

Again, ACR responded with the same post blaming technical difficulties. This remained the standard reply throughout the day as numerous others came forward reporting their own technical issues with the site. Others reported that they had been kicked out of tournaments after having been participating for multiple hours and experiencing the software freezing on them. Still, Americas Cardroom responded with the same copy-and-paste tweet.

Gameplay Issues Circulate Through the Site

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It wasn’t just issues with actually getting to the games and logging in that some users faced though. Upon managing to sign in and join games, players encountered actual issues with the poker games themselves. One user, going by the Twitter name of “Chris Marvel,” spoke of a player being knocked out of the game he was playing in multiple times, but he kept coming back despite it being a freezeout tournament.

Tweet About Illegitimate Rebuys Occurring in Freezeout

Americas Cardroom responded the following day, informing the user that the freezeout tournaments from April 27 had gone through an incorrect setup but were corrected prior to the day coming to an end. The room then sent out a tweet of its own, stating that technical issues affecting gameplay from the day before had been resolved, along with an apology for any inconvenience caused. Furthermore, information was given to players regarding what to do if any refunds had not been processed and/or received relating to their accounts.

ACR Tweets About Technical Problems

However, things weren’t yet done and dusted by that time because Americas Cardroom posted that it would go through another software update on Wednesday, April 29. This would lead to even more gameplay issues for members of the site.

Other Issues Arise Over the Course of Several Days

Once the update was completed, users still continued to report issues with their ability to access games and then actually play them without any glitches. One Twitter user stated that the size of the hole cards had become “microscopic” and asked if there was any way for this to be changed. Others continued to complain about the lack of confirmation regarding their refunds from the tournaments that were previously cancelled.

One customer then reported that an error had caused the river card in the game that he was playing to show up in a completely illegible form. Posting an image of the game he was involved in on Twitter, he stated that it would be “really tough to bluff this river” before knocking the Americas Cardroom site as being “complete dog shit.”

ACR Graphical Glitch Tweet

Twitter user “Goldie Blocks” responded with a screenshot of her own, questioning why there were two blank players (i.e., players with no screenname) who had managed to involve themselves in the $420 Main Event that she was participating in on April 26. This user also stated that she had been trying to inform support but had so far had no response from the team.

Other complaints that have been logged against Americas Cardroom gameplay recently include the following in-game glitches:

  • Only a single hole card being dealt out in Texas Hold’em games
  • Players having no screennames at all
  • Players not receiving cards at all during tournament gameplay but still managing to make it in the money
  • Incorrect pot splits, providing a losing player with the win in Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo
  • Tournaments being randomly suspended with little to no forewarning
  • Hands being labeled as being misdealt, which is quite a rarity where online poker is concerned

Americas Cardroom CEO Explains All in His Own Words

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Following the site being outrightly bashed by multiple players, the CEO of Americas Cardroom, Phil Nagy, was asked about the status of things, and he gave an explanation of exactly what happened. He said that on Friday, April 17, the site’s servers were overloaded due to an influx of player traffic. This is what led to them cancelling tournaments a couple of weeks ago which were running or in the late registration period. At that time, one of the tournament staff made a mistake and ended up cancelling all events which were in the “registering” period, which affected events that were even days, weeks, or months away.

A large portion of those events already had players registered to them, and tournament staff were then left to re-register them by their player nickname and then by username, which was also a mistake.

Phil NagyAmericas Cardroom CEO Phil Nagy Has Come Under Fire for the Recent Performance of His Poker Site

Nagy then went on to state that when glitches happened on April 26, that was one of the site’s busiest days ever. At peak time, one of the servers became overloaded. Even though this was the case, all but 10 of the players from 733 tables were successfully moved to an alternative server without disruption of gameplay.

It was due to the fact that all of the players on the unreachable server weren’t able to be dealt in or post blinds at the tournaments they were in prior to the crash that decisions were undertaken to cancel and/or refund them. Nine out of the 10 players that couldn’t play because of the server issue received full refunds with the tenth account being an inactive one. Three out of four events that were left to run saw everyone laddered up accordingly once the events had finished, and nobody lost any money. All those in the fourth event, which was completely canceled, had their buyin completely refunded.

Time to Find Another Online Home?


While Americas Cardroom was heavily affected by glitches and other gameplay issues these past few weeks, other internet poker platforms have largely been able to avoid such annoyances. For a complete rundown of places to play as an American, check out our guide to online poker USA.