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US-Facing Online Poker Tournaments: Overlays, Player Traffic, and Tournament Results

Comprehensive review of US-facing online poker tournament results, overlays, and player traffic on Bovada, America's Cardroom, Carbon Poker, and much more.

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Welcome to our US-facing online poker tournament Overlay, Tournament Results, and Player Traffic reports! covers all daily multi-table tournaments across the best US-facing poker rooms and networks such as Bovada on the Bodog Network, Carbon Poker on the Merge Gaming Network, America's Cardroom and Black Chip Poker (along with True Poker) on the Winning Poker Network, Intertops and Juicy Stakes on the Revolution Network, Pokerhost and Full Flush Poker on the Equity Poker Network, and Seals With Clubs, an independent Bitcoin poker room.

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Bovada | Bodog Overlays, Tournament Results, and Player Traffic Report Equity Poker Network Overlays, Tournament Results, and Player Traffic Report Merge Network Overlays, Tournament Results, and Player Traffic Report Revolution Network Overlays, Tournament Results, and Player Traffic Report Seals With Clubs Bitcoin Poker Overlays, Tournament Results, and Player Traffic Report Winning Poker Network Overlays, Tournament Results, and Player Traffic Report

What is an overlay? Overlays occur when player buy-ins total a lower amount than the stated guarantee. For instance - let's say a $10,000 GTD tournament has a buy-in of $100+$9. If there are less than 100 players in the tournament, an overlay occurs. The network or online poker room then has to supply the difference to cover the guarantee. This is great news for the players, as there is free money added into the tournament prize pools by the site | network, giving you additional value. Networks of course typically don't like this type of thing because it can cost them some of their profits - however, overlays can often serve as good advertising of a room or network's tournament schedule.

Professional Rakeback provides these reports to players in order to help them and to help our partner sites. Players can see where the "free money" opportunity is and then play in those MTTs, thereby plugging the overlay, which helps our partner sites. That's what we call a win/win scenario!

In the example we stated above, if more than 100 players are entered, then there is no overlay ($100 * 100 players = $10,000 prize pool). In such cases there is no "free money"; however, this is also good to know because some sites can be very slow to update their guaranteed prize pools! Bovada | Bodog's $100,000 flagship Sunday tournament, for example, nearly always exceeds the guaranteed amount by upwards of $30,000 to $90,000 in some cases! It is one of the largest online tournaments regularly available to USA and ROW players alike. As such, our "Overlay Reports" also provide information on what tournaments are doing very well and providing larger than average prize pools for players to take advantage of.

In these reports, we also track player traffic statistics and full prize pool results to give you an idea of how many tournament players are playing at these online poker rooms. No other website offers this kind of information in such a condensed form, giving players a true leg up to know where to play, when to play, and why they should be playing in certain events over others.

A brief "How To Read Our Report" tutorial is laid out below.


GREEN BOX = no overlay
RED BOX = overlay
GRAY BOX (x) = tournament did not run/not tracked

 The stated Eastern Standard Time that the tournament takes place.

TOURNAMENT DESCRIPTION: This field contains the description of the MTT being tracked with buy-in + fee amount, as well as the date range contained in the graphic (Mon-Fri, Saturday, or Sunday).

DAILY $ OVERLAYS: If an overlay occurs in a tournament during the noted day of the week, the dollar amount will be shown in these fields, highlighted in a red-colored box.

AVERAGE PRIZE POOL: The actual prize pool total as a result of how many players played in a particular tournament, averaged over the amount of days in the graphic. When this total appears in red font type, this means the actual average prize pool is currently below the stated guaranteed amount for the particular tournament.

TOTAL $ OVERLAY: The total dollar amount of overlays that occurred in the stated day range.

AVERAGE $ OVERLAY: The average dollar amount of overlays that occurred in the stated day range.

AVG PLAYERS/DAY: The average amount of players in a particular tournament in the stated day range.

DATE (ex: June, or 6/9-6/13): The time range of the particular graphic. Dates such as "6/9-6/13" mean the graphic is displaying Monday through Friday tournament data, while "June" or a stated month is used for Saturday and Sunday data.

TOTALS: The sum of a particular range of data; ranging from total dollar amount of overlays to the average amount of players per day.