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SwCPoker Reduces Rake

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We've seen a number of rake changes over the years at online poker sites, and what they tend to have in common is an increase in the amount the house takes out of each pot. SwCPoker, one of the leading Bitcoin-only poker rooms on the internet, has also adjusted its rake schedules. Unlike many competing sites, however, SwC has actually just made the rake lower.

About the Changes at SwC

SwC already had some of the lowest rake in the industry, certainly by percentage, because it only charged between 1.33% and 2.5% of each pot. These enviable numbers have remained more or less the same. What has changed is that the rake caps have been reduced considerably. Before, up to 4 chips could be extracted from the middle during cash games in certain formats at specific stakes. The new cap is no more than 2 chips, and in some games, the maximum rake is even lower. Each SwC chip is equal to .001 Bitcoin.

Comparison of Old and New Rake at SwC

The reason for these adjustments by SwC management lies in the steady and long-lasting appreciation in the price of BTC as denominated in USD. Back near the beginning of December 2016, the digital currency was worth around $750 per coin, meaning that SwCPoker's max rake of 4 chips was the equivalent of around $3. With Bitcoin now solidly above $1,900 apiece, the old rake scheme meant that perhaps $8 could have been excised from some pots at today's rates. The new rake system lowers this to a more reasonable $4. All these calculations are approximate because they depend on the ever-fluctuating BTC markets, but they give an idea of the impact of the SwC changes especially in bigger pots at high stakes.

History of SwC Rake Details

SwC and its ancestor, SealsWithClubs, have demonstrated a willingness to keep their rake charts updated as the price of Bitcoin goes up and down. In October 2012, the rake at Seals could reach as high as a now-alarming 100 chips. But since the value of the cryptocurrency was only around $12 or so, this represented just a little more than $1 in rake. At the height of the Bitcoin Bubble in November 2013, users could be assured of paying no more than 5 chips in rake – about $6 at that time. Even when the old Seals With Clubs shut down and the new SwCPoker came to life in Feb. 2015, by which time Bitcoin had experienced a correction, the rake cap remained 5 chips or around $1.20.

Other SwC Promotions

As low as the new rake is, there are ways to bring it down even lower. There's a 50% rakeback bonus on two- and three-handed play, which applies to every user regardless of stakes or type of poker being played as long as the table has six or more seats. The Krill rewards program delivers straight RB to players every week based on their play in the previous week. The initial 1% rate granted for amassing 2,500 lifetime Krill is worth almost nothing, but this number grows higher and higher as you work your way up the tiers. Anyone who earns 10 million Krill, even if it takes years to achieve this feat, will enjoy permanent 50% rakeback. Note that the Krill rakeback doesn't combine with the table-starter deal: Only the higher of the two percentages will apply during any given hand.

SwcPoker: Anonymous BTC Play

If you're tired of submitting personally identifying documents to poker sites and wish to instead get your winnings paid back to you anonymously and in less than 12 hours, then SwC is sure to pique your interest. Learn more about this innovative cryptocurrency poker site, including how to sign up, by consulting our thorough review. USA welcome as are players from everywhere else in the world.