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Rollbit X Crash Game - Gameplay Review & Analysis...

Rollbit X Crash is a game that's exclusive to the online crypto casino. The game is probably more focused on graphics than any other crash game, so much so that it doesn't even resemble a 'standard' crash game and claims to be the most unique version of crash for players.

Rollbit X Crash game

The dragon will flap its wings on your screen as it goes higher and higher until it reaches the stratosphere, where it will start blazing through the stars until the ultimate and inevitable crash. This game has a very poor RTP of 95.00%, which means it's not among the better crash games to play, and you'd be forgiven for looking elsewhere. However, if you're a fan of flying dragons and want the unique graphics to add an extra dimension to the gameplay, read on.

Game mechanics/theme – How does Rollbit X Crash work?

Rollbit X Crash is, despite its appearance, still your usual crash game. It's all about cashing out at the win multiplier closest to the one that will eventually be the last win multiplier of that flight. And, of course, you don't want to go bust, so you're always inclined to cash out early.

The game thrives on this duality of intents, to last in the game for longer and to cash out to get your winnings, just like any of the alternative crash gambling games.

Graphics quality, artwork, animations

Rollbit X Crash is, as it's immediately noticeable, a crash game that's very focused on graphics. There is a large dragon that takes up almost your entire screen as it takes off.

When it hits around multiplier 2.00, the dragon will start going almost vertical, with the background subtly changing from dusk to sunset to night. Around 5.00x it will go through some cloud cover as it goes higher through the atmosphere.

Most of the time, the dragon will be flying vertically and, therefore, actually stationary, and the only thing left to do is to watch the background change with the multiplier.

At approximately 10x, the dragon will speed up and will continue to speed up as the multiplier increases.

Aesthetics, user experience

The flight of the dragon, especially the huge flapping wings, distracts from what is beautiful in the crash games - the tension that comes from watching the win multiplier and trying to guess the right time to cash out. Rollbit X Crash is almost like a completely different game to most other variants, one where you watch a dragon fly, and not one where you're focused on the multiplier.

However, all the usual stuff that's associated with crash gambling is still there. You can see other players' bets - though there are never many of them around - and you can auto-cash out at some value. The values of previous rounds are seen at the top of your screen.

Tension and anticipation value

Rollbit X Crash is much slower than the other comparable games. It takes a longer time to reach a certain multiplier in this game than in some competitor's products. This delay in progression further reduces the tension. In Rollbit X Crash, you will probably feel at the end of a round as if you would have cashed out at the right time if you weren't distracted by the flapping wings or something else that caught your eye. That said, the game is as tense as any other crash game once you get to higher win multipliers at blazing flight speeds.

RTP, house edge and variability

Rollbit X Crash publicly reveals the RTP of this game, and it's 95.00%, which means the house edge is 5%. That's simply too high, as there are crash games with a house edge as low as 1%, and there are several of them to choose from. If you compare Rollbit's variant with Stake's crash game and its RTP of 99%, it's not hard to see which one many players will choose.

Most likely, you'll play Rollbit X Crash if you really like dragons, if you got some funds on Rollbit casino you don't know what to do with and can afford to gamble, or simply if you don't know any better.

When it comes to variance, it seems to be on the high end.

Winning strategies

it seems the only viable strategy for Rollbit X Crash is to shoot for the high win multiplier. The game is wildly unpredictable and can easily deliver a huge win multiplier for those brave enough to stay on board long enough. Aside from that, the low RTP coupled with the fact that crash is always gambling, and it's luck whether you hit the right cashout point, means that you'll probably want to look elsewhere if achieving a positive long-term return from your bets is high on your agenda.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

No. Rollbit X Crash isn't considered a beatable game, especially as it has a very high house edge of 5%.

No, there is no known way to play Rollbit X Crash for free. However, you can go to and watch the game in action. You'll see how the game behaves and how the other players approach it. In particular, what kind of bets they make and when they tend to cash out.

You will see the minimum and maximum bets for Rollbit X Crash when you visit to play the game. The highest win, in any case, is $100,000.

The maximum multiplier in Rollbit X Crash is 1,000,000x. The maximum payout for any wager is $100,000 or the currency equivalent.

Rollbit X Crash can be played exclusively at online crypto casino.