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Scratch Dice Game Review: available at Bovada and partner sites

Dice and Cards

As we have recently covered on this website, BGaming is a growing and highly popular brand focused on creating unique and enjoyable online gambling games. In this article, our experts will examine Scratch Dice, a somewhat unique scratching dice-based lottery game available at Bovada and its sister sites and created by BGaming.

Scratch Dice Review

Scratch Dice follows a fairly simple premise. The game allows users to either buy or skip a virtual scratch ticket that reveals varying dice outcomes, which can result in winning correlating prizes on the paytable or a Gold Ticket.

The Gold Ticket is perhaps the most exciting and fun part of the Scratch Dice game as it creates larger potential wins and multipliers if you are lucky enough to land a coveted Gold Ticket.

To learn more about this somewhat unique and exciting game of chance, please feel free to continue reading this extensive Scratch Dice review below.

Game Theme and Mechanics

Two Gears

Scratch Dice is a very simple game. The player is offered the opportunity to buy or purchase a virtual scratch ticket for $5. The player can either purchase the ticket for $5 and reveal the dice outcomes, or, skip the ticket and move on to another.

Skip Ticket on Scratch DicePlayers can buy the ticket or press skip to move on to the next ticket

The ticket price is fixed in this game, and at least at Bovada and its sister sites, the ticket always costs $5. No more, no less. When it comes to choosing which tickets to buy or skip, there's really no rhyme or reason that can be applied. It comes down to pure chance as to whether the ticket you buy will result in a winning combination.

Once the ticket is purchased, the player will have the ability to use their mouse or finger on a touchscreen to scratch the virtual ticket and reveal three six-sided dice. To win, the player will need to land three of the exact same numbers across all three dice (like 1-1-1 will win $50 or 10x the $5 ticket price).

The other goal in this game is to land something called a Street. A Street occurs when the player lands the three dice in any combination of 1-2-3, 2-3-4, 3-4-5, or 4-5-6. If a Street occurs, then the player will be awarded a special Gold Ticket. The Gold Ticket has the same goal as the standard ticket as you’ll need to match all three dice to win, but the multipliers and winning amounts are higher on the Gold Ticket.

Gold Ticket on Scratch DiceA special Gold Ticket on Scratch Dice

Scratch Dice features an upbeat, electronic synthesizer track as the main music throughout gameplay. When you purchase a ticket or land a big win, you’ll also hear a specific sound to celebrate your purchase or win. The sounds are largely electronic and upbeat in general.

Graphics and Animations

The graphics and animations for this game are fairly simple and straightforward. The player will be presented with a short stack of virtual scratch tickets and will be able to choose if they wish to purchase the ticket on top of the pile.

If the player does not want to purchase the ticket, the player can skip to the next ticket and then decide if they’d like to purchase said ticket. Once the player purchases a ticket, they can choose to scratch the ticket manually by using a touchscreen or their mouse, or they can click the “reveal” button on the right-hand side of the screen to fully reveal the ticket outcome.

Losing Combination on Scratch DiceA losing combination on the Scratch Dice game

The background of the game features an illustration of a craps table. If you aren’t familiar with craps, it is a popular table game that uses two dice. The player can wager on the outcomes of the rolls and roll the dice themselves. Craps can be quite exhilarating and fast, so it makes sense that the Scratch Dice game would incorporate a popular dice-based game in the background of the scene.

Paytable and Potential Winning Combinations

Money Bag

Scratch Dice can be broken down into two fairly simple paytables. To win, the player will need to land three matching dice. Landing matching 1’s on all three dice will result in winning $50 on the standard $5 ticket. Landing 2-2-2 will result in winning $75, 3-3-3 will pay $100, 4-4-4 will pay $125, 5-5-5 will pay $150, and 6-6-6 will award $200.

The secondary and more lucrative pay scale comes into play when a player lands a Street and is awarded a special Gold Ticket. Landing 6-6-6 on a Gold Ticket will pay 180x the price of the ticket or $900, which is the highest possible win on the Scratch Dice game.

Paytables on the Scratch Dice gameScratch Dice paytables

Return to Player Percentage

Unlike most BGaming titles, there isn’t a clear Return to Player percentage (RTP) listed within the rules of the game. It is difficult to know exactly what percentage a gem like this pays over the long term, but we have yet to encounter any game at Bovada that pays less than 93%.

Based on our experience playing a wide variety of online casino games, we can confidently assert that this game likely pays back more than 95% over the long run. Unofficial numbers being bandied about the internet peg the RTP of this title at 97.20%, which conforms to our expectations. This means that for every $100 wagered, the player can expect to receive around $97.20 back. Of course, this only will become truly accurate after thousands of trials and game rounds, so it is certainly possible to lose a large amount or win huge when playing the Scratch Dice game in the short term.

Strategy Considerations?

Hand Drawing Chart

Strategy is mostly useless in a game like Scratch Dice. The only decision the player can make is whether to purchase a ticket or skip to the next ticket. All tickets cost $5, so there’s really no rhyme or reason as to why a player might want to skip certain tickets besides gut feelings and pure luck.

If you decide to venture in and try Scratch Dice, it is important to recognize that there is no strategy involved. Try to have fun and purchase a ticket at any time. It really doesn’t matter, and any chances of winning will be determined by pure chance and luck.

Mobile Gameplay


As is the case with most newer games nowadays, Scratch Dice is fully compatible with a wide range of computing devices, including iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. You can easily play Scratch Dice using almost any modern smartphone or tablet through any web browser.

The graphics and gameplay are identical across varying devices. The only real difference will be if you're using a touchscreen device like a smartphone; then, the scratching and revealing element of the game will be slightly better, smoother, and more intuitive.

Mobile Gameplay on the Scratch Dice gameMobile Scratch Dice gameplay captured on an iPhone 7


Book and Spectacles

In summary, Scratch Dice is a fairly unique and enjoyable casino game. The gameplay and concept are quite simple to understand, and the wins can certainly be reasonably large.

The downside, however, is that you cannot adjust your bet size whatsoever, and players can only choose to buy or skip the $5 virtual scratch ticket. Another downside here is that the highest potential win is only $900. While $900 is nothing to sneeze at, there are definitely many alternative casino games, like slot machines, that can award wins far superior to a 180x multiplier.

All in all, Scratch Dice can be plenty of fun and somewhat lucrative if you get on a good streak. The game can be played on a wide array of devices and is quite easy to understand. If you’re a fan of lottery-based games, we would certainly encourage you to give Scratch Dice a try today.

Where to Play Scratch Dice?

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BGaming is a popular online casino game developer that works with numerous online casinos, like, RollBitz, and Roobet. Recently, BGaming has debuted at Bovada and its partner sites. Bovada is a highly reputable online gaming site that has been in existence for many years.

If you’d like to try the Scratch Dice game for free prior to engaging in real-money wagering, then please feel free to click the window below to play the game for free:

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We have also included a complete list of the sites that we recommend that currently offer the Scratch Dice game below. You can see which sites cater to players in varying geographical areas of the world and find a site that suits you: