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New Deposit Bonuses At Winning Poker Network

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  Brand new deposit bonus structure at Winning Poker Network and Professional Rakeback has all the details in this sneak peak!


Sneak Peak: New Deposit Bonus Structure at Winning Poker Network

The Winning Poker Network is known for giving away a ton of money to players in the form of VIP rewards, rakeback, $1,000,000 guaranteed tournaments with six figure overlays, etc.  This aggressive approach however has had fantastic results.  According to Game Intel, the network is growing rapidly.  In the last year WPN has shot up to the 2nd largest US-friendly real money online poker site and the 10th largest online poker site available to players world-wide!  And thus, it may not come as a surprise to you to know that they are upping the ante even more by improving their Initial Deposit Bonus for new players. 

Professional Rakeback was given access to this new bonus and we have compiled information, screenshots, and the full scoop for our readers.  This new bonus will go live on March 6th 2016.  Lets first look at and analyze the current first time deposit bonus and then take a look at how it was improved upon.

Current Americas Cardroom First Deposit Bonus Structure and Analysis

For the last 5 years since Black Friday, the initial deposit bonus at America's Cardroom has been the same.  It consists of a 100% matching bonus up to a maximum of $1,000 USD.  This bonus requires 5x the rake paid to clear, and in simpler terms that means that the bonus clears at an effective rakeback rate of 20%.  For VIP players the bonus is not deducted from rewards.  For rakeback accounts the value of the bonus is reduced by the rakeback amount, or 27% less effective and thus equates to an additional 14.6% rakeback while clearing. 

Compared to sites world-wide this is a mildly above average offer.  Compared to other US sites first deposit bonuses (check out our article on that here) it is pretty standard fare both in terms of amount offered and effective clearance rates.  However, ACR is not satisfied with middle of the road performance and has decided to turbo charge their bonus offer.  To that end, they have added an additional 100% matching bonus on top of the already existing offer.  However, it is presented in a very different and interesting format designed to appeal to smaller stakes players.

New Upgrades to the Bonus Structure

The new bonus structure will include the entirety of the bonus listed above.  Nothing will change in that regard.  However, an additional component has been added to the FDB.  This new component is aimed squarely at the small stakes recreational player. 

This new additional bonus will be available to any new first depositors on the site regardless if the account is new or old, so long as it never had a real money deposit before March 6th 2016 when the program goes live.  Anyone depositing $50 or more will get an additional $50 in "tourney bucks."  These tourney bucks will be available to players by opening the poker client, selecting "Rewards," selecting "SPECIAL OFFER," and then selecting "$50 Free Tourney Bucks"

$50 free tourney bucks at ACR

Next, players will be presented with a deck of cards.  Upon activating the first card, players will start the timer and have 25 days to collect a randomized amount of "tourney bucks."  A neat little combination spinning card and slot machine graphic will play out and players will receive anywhere from $1 to $6 in tournament bucks.  There are 25 cards per person and the maximum payout value is $50.  Here's a picture to show how our first 3 days of testing turned out.

deck of tourney bucks example

New Ways to Spend Tourney Bucks - Newbie Tournaments

America's Cardroom has also decided to create new ways for players to spend tourney bucks.  As of the initial roll out, one format will be available (more will follow in time).  It can be found in the tournament lobby under "NEWBIE $2,000 GTD."  As it sounds, it is a $2,000 guaranteed tournament that will run three times per day!  Tournaments will run at 10am, 3:30pm, and 7:00pm Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5). 

Each NEWBIE tournament is available for entry with tourney bucks as well as unlimited re-entry with real money.  Starting stacks are 10,000 chips with 10/20 blinds; blinds raise every 12 minutes.

NEWBIE tournaments on ACR

As you can see, there is likely to be even more value for small stakes players, as these tournaments are likely to result in overlays, which as we all know, increases the ROI even further.  Couple that with what is likely to be an incredibly soft field, and it wouldn't surprise use to see 100%+ ROI attainable in these NEWBIE tournies.

This is great news for both recreational and professional players.  The recreational players will get much more value out of their small deposits, up to 100% additional value on $50 deposits.  The pro players will likely not be interested in the new bonus tickets, but they will be interested in the influx of new recreational players and the subsequent deposits they put in circulation!

Who is Winning Poker Network Anyway?

The Winning Poker Network continues to kick up dust in the online poker markets.  Currently the second largest US-friendly real money online poker site and the 5th largest online poker site available to players world-wide, WPN is growing rapidly.  And it is not a big surprise either.  They are continuously coming up with new promotions such as The Beast, Sit and Crush, The Cage and it's baby brother The Playpen, Freebuy Tournament Series and more, all of which are aimed to give value back to the players.  In fact, there isn't another online poker site that offers more rewards.  If you'd like to learn more about them, as well as earn maximum rakeback rewards, check out our reviews of America's Cardroom, Black Chip, True, and Ya.

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