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Stake Crash Game - Review, Gameplay, & Winning Strategies

Stake Crash is a crash game that was developed exclusively by, and for, the online casino. This type of proprietary development gives rise to several things. First of all, there is a large player base regularly playing this game at the same time. You can expect around 200 players at any given time of day. Secondly, the game has a high-quality RTP of 99.00%. With a captive player base enjoying this great Return To Player figure, the game doesn't need to worry too much about graphics at all.

Review of crash game gameplay

This is a game that you'll find exclusively at the online casino, where you can see other people play before you place some bets yourself.

Game mechanics/theme – How does Stake Crash work?

Stake Crash is your usual crash game. A bare bones one, for that matter.

There is an XY graph that displays an ever-rising line, with the win multiplier shown at the centre of the screen. The idea is precisely the same as with all crash gambling games - to bet some money, and then cash out before the inevitable crash. All players who cash out in time will win money, while those who were caught by the crash will lose their bets.

There is no theme to speak of - Stake Crash simply displays a line that has an orange area below it. There's nothing else to worry about in this game, though you can scroll a down a bit on the gaming interface and get a glimpse of other players' bets and their exit multipliers. This should give you a good idea of how most people approach playing this game, especially as Stake Crash has a higher volume of players than you'll encounter on other crypto casinos.

Screenshot of the crash game web interface

It's important to note that Stake Crash allows for more the use of more cryptocurrencies for deposits and withdrawals than most other casinos do with their crash games. For example, Dogecoin is available here as an account funding method, something you won't find everywhere..

Graphics quality, artwork, animations

Stake Crash managed to become the #1 ugliest crash game, and took the title from the oldest crash game (Bustabit). This is not only because the game itself has no real graphics and no animations and not even because the rising multiplier seems to be a straight line instead of a curve. No. This is because the game appears to be lagging consistently - which isn't really a sign of trust in the case of a game that depends on lightning-fast split-second decisions.

There are no actual glitches though, this propensity towards lag is just a fallout of the graphics, but the game still isn't nearly as smooth as other crash games. Stake's crash is the only one we've seen have these types of problems. 

These issues could be because of the sheer number of people who play the game - Stake Crash has arguably the highest player numbers of all crash games - but it's still no excuse. We've even seen the "Starting now" counter glitching on several tests.

Aesthetics, user experience

Stake Crash is very simplistic and doesn't add anything to the basic experience of playing a crash game. It's just numbers and a line on the screen.Certainly it doesn't offer anywhere near the one you'll get with the rocket explosions on Roobet crash, and equally you're not getting the thrill of the types of plane crash that's evident on Aviator crash.

And, unlike other competing crash games, the display of players who cashed out is taken away from the experience. To the right of the win multiplier there is a constant display of the last two players who cashed out, together with the currency and the bet amount, but this information doesn't serve any purpose. The font is too small. It would have been better if that information wasn't displayed at all.

At it's core, though, Stake's game does meet the needs of the types of crypto players that seem to enjoy these games. 

Tension and anticipation value

There is no added tension in this game, it's just a line that goes up until it crashes. This doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing, however. Some players who've been playing crash games for a while might enjoy playing a version that doesn't make your heart race that little bit faster for once.

We could say Stake Crash is the most tranquil crash game of all. That might even partly explain the high player numbers.

RTP, house edge and variability

Every game has plus and minus points, and this section shows us where Stake Crash excels. Like some other original and exclusive games, the game features a very high RTP. It's 99.00%. That's amazing and is on par with Bustabit Crash. These two variants trump all other crash games when it comes to payout and house edge.

Of the two, Stake Crash seems to have higher variability. While Bustabit stays in its own conservative range most of the time, Stake Crash does crash a bit more often on low multipliers but it also goes to really high multipliers more often.

Winning strategies

Since Stake Crash does allow for higher win multipliers, and crashes often on lower win multipliers, it probably makes sense to push the envelope and try to get to those higher outcomes.

A player who wants to win 50% and therefore cash out at 1.50x at Stake Crash will be grounded a bit too often, and when he does win he won't win enough to make up for the losses. On the other hand, a player who takes a bigger risk and goes for higher multipliers in Stake Crash might just win often enough to make money. Depending on luck, of course.

It all gives the feeling that the correct strategy for Stake Crash would be to take a bigger risk, because the game displays a capability of getting to high multipliers often enough.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

No. Stake Crash isn't considered a beatable game. It does have a very low house edge of 1%, however, so chances to make money in the long run are better than with most other comparable games.

Stake Crash isn't available for demo play, so you can't actually place some bets until you decide to do so with real money. However, at you can watch other players play and see how does the game behave in practice.

Each currency has its own limits on Stake Crash, let's just say the maximum bet in BTC is 100 BTC. The maximum win, however is 5 BTC.

It is unknown what the highest multiplier in Stake Crash is, what we do know is that the maximum win is around 5 BTC or the currency equivalent, and that the game often has multipliers larger than 100x.

Stake Crash is exclusive to online casino.