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Sun Club Casino Hosts Stolen Slots - So Stay Away!

Sun Club Casino Logo

There seems to be a new trend in online casinos: pirated software. SunClub Casino appears to be the latest operator to engage in this deceptive business practice. We've already told you about Burnbet Casino and 2WinPower, two groups that are committed to pawning off fake casino gaming software as the real deal. Let's take a look now at SunClub and what it's doing to confuse and possibly scam its customers.

Pirated Games

Pirate Flag

Upon first visiting the website of SunClub Casino, guests see a quite extensive and varied selection of titles: more than 450 different casino games in all. Many of them bear the imprint of such well-regarded software houses as Novomatic, Playtech, and Net Entertainment.

Home Page of SunClub
The Sun Club Casino Website

However, all is not as it seems with these games. As first reported by, the game selection at SunClub consists largely of illicit versions of legitimate video slots. These copies have been craftily constructed – or else lifted wholesale – from the originals. It's almost impossible to distinguish these phony versions from the true originals.

Comparison of “Starburst” Slot at Sun Club Casino and the Legit TitleThe “Starburst” Slot at Sun Club Casino (Top) and the Original by Net Ent (Bottom)
It's Tough to Tell the Difference

What LCB did to discover this fraud was to examine the domains on which the games were hosted. They are not the legitimate domains of the true developers. This means that the relevant executables have been surreptitiously cloned and then deployed outside of the control of the proper owners.

After reading about this, we refused to make any real money deposit on the site. However, posts from actual users contain reports of weird gameplay glitches especially free spins suddenly disappearing or terminating before completion. Just take a look at this feedback that a Sun Club customer left on the LatestCasinoBonuses forums:

Post About Game Errors at SunClub CasinoVisitors to the LatestCasinoBonuses Forums Relate Their Poor Experiences at SunClub Casino

The Superomatic Connection

While browsing through this pilfered content on SunClub, we saw a few items that we didn't recognize. Now, we here at Professional Rakeback are experienced degener online gaming experts, and so we expect to at least have heard of the names of almost every popular slot in existence. Yet, there were a few that were completely new to us.

For instance, in the tab for Playtech products, we saw such games as “New Year Girls,” “Rome & Glory,” and ”Captain's Treasure Pro.” These titles were ones that we had never heard of before, and suffice it to say, they are not part of the game catalog of Playtech.

Slots in the Playtech Tab at SunClubWe've Never Seen Some of These “Playtech” Titles Before

A quick Google search revealed that these obscure names were related to an outfit called Superomatic that transacts in pirated casino software. We saw the slots we had not heard of before listed on Superomatic's pages along with more familiar titles from renowned online casino vendors. It's highly probable that this is where SunClub Casino sources its adulterated games from.

About Superomatic

Logo of Superomatic

Superomatic appears to have been founded in 2008 and maintains a number of distinct websites using variations of the Superomatic name and different top level domains (like .com, .biz, .cc, et cetera). It promises to make the launching of any new internet casino a breeze, providing software, billing capabilities, and technical support.

The company seems to be based in either Russia or Ukraine, and most of its webpages are written using the Cyrillic alphabet that's common to this part of the world. We therefore had to rely mostly on automatic translation tools to get an idea of what this organization is all about.

Website of Superomatic.bizHome Page of
The Top Message Translates as “Welcome to Superomatic/We make great games”
We Suppose It Depends on Your Definition of “Make”

One thing is clear even without trying to understand the language on the company's websites: The images and game titles displayed leave no doubt as to the provenance of the slots offered by Superomatic. The vast majority of them are duplicates of properties released over the years by real gaming developers with a few originals thrown into the mix.

“Heist” Slot Game From Siperomatic and Betsoft“Heist” From Superomatic (Left) and the TOTALLY UNRELATED (HONEST) “Heist” From Betsoft (Right)

Superomatic pitches the many advantages of choosing it as your online casino partner. Among these benefits is: “The gaming system provides owners of halls a flexible set of settings. Here you can limit the size of jackpots and payments on the hall, as well as adjust the coefficients of the return of slots (90-96%).” That's right – users of the Superomatic casino suite can adjust the return-to-player percentages from their normal values! While we suppose it's possible to make them more generous than is standard, we expect that the most common alteration is to reduce the payouts in order to capture more money from unwary consumers.

Other Red Flags at Sun Club

Red Flag

As if its reliance on counterfeit slots wasn't troublesome enough, there are a number of other issues that present themselves with Sun Club Casino.

The website claims that the casino is governed by the terms of “operating license No. 8048 / JAZ issued by Antillephone, authorized and supervised by the Government of Curaçao.” Curaçao itself is largely a rubber-stamp jurisdiction, authorizing basically any entity willing to cough up the licensing fee. Antillephone, the holder of license number 8048 / JAZ, sub-licenses myriad online gaming operators both reputable and shady. Without additional information, there's no way of knowing if SunClub is really licensed in the island nation or if it's merely claiming to be.

Another thing that we couldn't help noticing was the poor phrasing on the English-language version of Sun Club's website. We understand that some organizations cater to markets other than the U.S.A., U.K., Canada, Australia and other Anglophone countries, but we still believe that any company that does have an English website should at least take steps to ensure that the pages are comprehensible and that the wording flows naturally. Instead, we're treated to paragraphs like the following:

Bonus may be accrued only to new players of the game, and such bonus is provided only for the first game. In case of any subsequent stand-alone top-up of the account, the bonuses from the site SunClub Casino shall not be accrued.

We think that this means that only new players can receive a welcome bonus on their first deposits and that any reload bonus cannot be combined with the first deposit bonus. However, this is just a best guess, and there are several different ways of interpreting this text. Bonus terms and conditions are notoriously convoluted and susceptible to misunderstandings even in the best of conditions. It's really a poor business practice to make them even more unclear than normal.

Beware Sister Sites

Caution Sign

While conducting our research, we came across several internet casinos whose websites share many similarities with SunClub Casino. They are Casino7 (, itan games ( and Superomatic Casino (www[dot] We caution you to stay away from them. While we haven't verified that they're definitely rogue, the resemblance between their games and those at SunClub is too troubling to ignore.

Don't Put up With This Nonsense!

There are many other places to play besides SunClub Casino: places that actually run legitimate casino software rather than cheap imitations. Indeed, there are dozens of online gaming parlors that are entirely trustworthy. We've reviewed some of the best among them in our online casino sites page.