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Teen Patti Rapid Table Game Review: 3 Cards Enough?

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The Bodog Group and its in-house development team have opted to reinvent the old Indian card game Teen Patti. Dubbing their version Teen Patti Rapid, they have made it available across their network of online casino sites, including Bodog itself, Bovada, Ignition Casino, Bodog88,, and Joe Fortune Casino. We've checked out this title to see if it's any good.

Teen Patti Rapid Game Review

Teen Patti Card Game Information

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Teen Patti Movie Poster“Arrgh, I Just Spent All Afternoon Arranging These Cards!”

Also known as “Flash” or “Flush,” Teen Patti is a traditional Indian card game that bears some resemblance to both the English game Brag and to poker. The name Teen Patti means “three cards,” which is a pretty accurate description of the game as every participant tries to make the best three-card hand.

As it is a multi-player game, it doesn't translate exactly into the single-player nature of most online casinos. Therefore, this version of Teen Patti is very much simplified and bears almost no relation to the pastime that inspired it.

Gameplay Overview


Teen Patti Rapid is very simple to play with there being a straightforward betting area. There is a space where you drag the amount of chips you would like to bet, from $1 to $500, and a button that says “Deal.”

Teen Patti Rapid Layout ScreenshotTeen Patti Rapid With a $50 Bet in the Middle

Once Deal is pressed, the game starts and you are well on your way to an addictive game of risk and reward. You will be dealt three cards. If those three cards match up to the payout table, the player will win. Otherwise, the wager is lost.

After playing a round, you can press “Re-Bet” to go again with a bet of the same size. There's also a “Re-Bet x 2” option to double your stake.

Winning Combinations and Payoffs

You need at least a pair to receive any winnings, and the amount you get depends upon the strength of your hand according to the following payoff chart:

  • Pair - 2:1
  • Flush - 5:1
  • Straight - 6:1
  • Three of a Kind - 30:1
  • Straight Flush - 50:1

It's important to note that the payout numbers above include the stake bet as a part of the total win. For instance, if you bet $5 and make a flush, you'll collect $25, for a net profit of $20 above your wager.

Teen Patti Rapid Winning Hand ImageWe Have Won With a Straight

Presentation and Customization Settings


The game's design does not include any obnoxious graphics or decorations that make playing the game confusing or distracting. Upon pulling up the game, the player is able to select what color they would like to see the betting area as. The options are a teal blue color or a plum purple. That's about it as far as graphical customization goes.

You can turn the music and sound on or off, and the only other setting allows you to hide some of the text labeling next to gameplay elements if you desire. The designers of this game focused on what's important without any extraneous features.

Teen Patti Rapid Mobile

Mobile Displays

Bodog and Bovada are serious about ensuring mobile compatibility across their range of casino products. This is true in the case of Teen Patti Rapid as you'll find that the mobile version of the game is virtually indistinguishable from the desktop game.

Teen Patti Rapid on MobileTeen Patti Rapid on an Android Smartphone

Through responsive web design, the creators of this title adjust the size and layout of the virtual Teen Patti table according to the specs of your particular hardware. Thus, it hardly matters whether you're using an iPhone, some other iOS device, an Android system, or any other kind of mobile hardware and software. The only real requirement is that your system be modern enough to support the latest web standards, which is true for almost every smartphone and tablet on the market today.


Pen on Paper

Overall, Teen Patti Rapid is a game of simple fun with the potential for big wins every now and again. For most experienced online gamers, however, we believe that this title is a bit too no-frills to capture their attention for any significant length of time.

With no strategic choices to make beyond bet size and just five different possible final hands, the excitement generated is somewhat limited. At best, Teen Patti Rapid is a momentary diversion from more sophisticated games. For basic gameplay that nevertheless has some more suspense to it, we recommend Spin the Wheel also by Bovada Gaming.

Where to Play Teen Patti Rapid

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Although we do have a few issues with Teen Patti Rapid that prevent us from recommending it wholeheartedly, we do admit that it does have its strong points. The ultimate decision as to whether or not to play it belongs to you, and so we've embedded the game below (a practice version) for your enjoyment:

Click to Play Teen Patti Rapid for Free

Then if you opt to play for real money, you can sign up at any one of the following gaming sites that carry Teen Patti Rapid:

  • Ignition (Australia and United States)
  • Bovada (United States)
  • Bodog (Latin America, Canada, and the Indian Subcontinent)
  • Bodog88 (Asia, Australia)
  • (United States and Canada)