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Spin the Wheel Table Game Review: Twirl and Win Big Bucks!

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Spin the Wheel, developed by Bovada, is a fast table game of chance that takes its cue from classic roulette games. This title is a lot simpler than roulette, though, and thus the number of different types of bets you can make is limited. On the plus side, it is very easy to learn, and it can be fun and rewarding.

Spin the Wheel Gameplay Review


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At the center of the gaming screen is a multi-colored wheel. This wheel displays equally divided sectors that are numbered from 0 to 9. Each numbered section is assigned its own color.

Spinning this wheel pits the player against the whims of fate. When the game begins, the player uses available funds to choose numbers and place bets. Valid wager amounts range from $1 to $500.

Image From Spin the WheelPick a Number, and Spin the Wheel!

It's possible to select multiple numbers simultaneously. You can even bet on every single numeral at the same time although why anyone would wish to do so is beyond us.

Each spin launches the wheel into motion. As the wheel is turning, the colors combine to create a stunning spectral effect. The effect is enhanced with an upbeat music soundtrack.

Spinning WheelThe Wheel in Motion

Near the center of the wheel, a small pointer tracks the numbered sections. Eventually, it stops on one of the numbers. Along with the number, a bet multiplier is displayed, ranging from 1x to 4x.


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If the player’s number is the winning number, he or she will get a payout equal to 9 times the stake put on that number. For instance, a winning bet of $10 will pay $90 for a profit of $80 once we exclude the $10 wager itself.

Spin the Wheel Winning ScreenshotStandard Win on a $10 Bet Is $90

Beyond the regular wins, the multiplier mentioned above holds the secret to bigger paydays; for the base payout of 9 is increased accordingly by 2x, 3x, or 4x depending on which multiplier lands. This means that a $10 bet could potentially yield $350 in winnings (not counting the bet value itself in this figure).

In our tests, the 1x multiplier came up the vast majority of the time. This only makes sense as the online casinos would lose too much if they routinely had to fork over these super-sized wins very often.

Gameplay Options


After each spin, the player can opt to play the same bets again by clicking “Re-Bet.” Similarly, “Re-Bet x2” lets you re-spin on the same numbers but with the bet size doubled.

An auto-play feature permits you to keep re-spinning automatically a preselected number of times: perfect if you have a lucky number or several of them that you wish to try to hit many times.

A history of numbers on which the pointer has landed is displayed in a small box at the top of the game screen. Though this game is completely random, players might find it intriguing to see which numbers are being hit most often.

In line with the simple nature of this game, additional options and settings are Spartan to say the least. You can disable sound or music and select between two color themes for the graphics.

Mobile Play

Phone and Tablet

As is the case with most of the games from the Bodog Group of related casino sites, mobile compatibility is built right into the game. Through a web app, you can access Spin the Wheel from smartphones and tablets. Support is best for iOS and Android devices, but really, you can play the game on almost every modern mobile OS.

Spin the Wheel Mobile ScreenshotSpin the Wheel on a Mobile Phone


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Spin the Wheel delivers on its promise of fast- paced, easy-to-understand casino thrills. We would have liked it if there were more betting possibilities, perhaps hidden within an “Advanced Bets” menu. For starters, being able to bet on even/odd, over/under, and consecutive number sequences seems like it would enhance the gameplay a fair amount.

Still, it's hard to fault the developers too much for their decision to keep the gaming layout basic. Introducing all kinds of extra elements would have undoubtedly marred the clean, crisp format of Spin the Wheel. If need be, users can make up their own sophisticated betting patterns by electing to wager on multiple numbers at the same time.

Where to Play Spin the Wheel

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As an exclusive release from Bodog and its related partner sites, Spin the Wheel can only be found at a few online casinos. You can still try before you buy though with the practice mode version embedded below:

Click to Play Spin the Wheel for Free

After you've gotten warmed up with Spin the Wheel for play chips, you can sign up at any of the following sites to play for real money: