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TrustDice Crash Game Review - Legit Crypto Casino Crash

Trustdice Crash game

Crash games are, as you probably already know, blockchain gambling games in which the premise is that the player cashes out their winnings before the rising multiplier 'crashes'. It's a fast-paced action game with lots of winning potential, and here we'll review one of the better games in this niche, TrustDice Crash. casino launched their in-house crash game in 2019. It has no specific name, you'll find it under the tab in the games lobby that simply says Crash. This is a provably fair game. is one of those original bitcoin casinos that focused on dice and crash games - they even maintain a bitcoin faucet to this day - and later evolved to become a true online casino with a Curacao licence.

TrustDice Crash has a superb RTP of 98.5% and a simple theme without distractions that allows a player to focus purely on the betting aspect of the game.

Where to play

Getting to play TrustDice Crash is pretty straightforward. It's a proprietary game, so you'll need to register an account on the TrustDice platform.

However, don't forget there are many other variants of crash gambling games for anyone that wants to play for crypto coins. Equally, there are multiple other online casinos that have crash games. We particularly like playing Thundercrash at Bovada.

Pros and cons

As we'll see in the main body of the review, the Crash game is great fun and stacks up admirably against other variants. So, the pros and cons you'll really want to consider are around TrustDice itself as a crypto casino games operator.

The only real negative is the limited number of different cryptocurrencies you can fund an account. The positives are more widespread and are certainly worth noting:

  • The game selection is diverse
  • Games are provided by several well-known casino game providers
  • There's an extensive array of live dealer games
  • TrustDide runs a dedicated sports betting service
  • You'll find regular bonuses and other promotions
  • For regular players there's a multi-level VIP program

Game mechanics/theme - how does TrustDice Crash work?

TrustDice Crash is a simple game with flawless animations and an elaborate betting console that allows you to bet on a single round or automatically place a bet each round. Auto Cash Out, or selecting your cash out value before the round starts, is optional in both cases.

The break between rounds is 6 seconds, which gives you enough time to place your bets.

The bets can be placed using the Manual tab, which is another way to say you're placing a bet on one game round only. In this case, you only have to choose your bet amount and the Auto Cash Out multiplier value, e.g. 2.30. If the multiplier reaches at least 2.30x, you win. If you don't set the Auto Cash Out value, then it will be up to you to click the Cash Out button at the right time.

The other way to bet is to use the Auto tab. Here you can not only bet on the same Auto Cash Out value round after round but can also automatically increase your bet after a win or loss.

After you place your bet, the game round will commence. The multiplier will steadily rise, speeding up as it gets higher, and at one point, it will 'crash', losing all bets that haven't been cashed out before the crash.

Graphics quality, artwork, animations

TrustDice Crash suits the overall theme, being presented in a pleasant purple that works really well for this game. This is actually a dark theme, with the multiplier displayed in white and highlights in orange. It is, therefore, possible to play this crash game for a long time without tiring the eyes - it is indeed one of the better-looking games you can play.

Animation of the multiplier is flawless, with the graph ever expanding as the multiplier goes higher, with a plotted course for the multiplier that doesn't really mean anything but enhances the game feel.

Inevitably, at some point, the multiplier will stop and turn red, with the word Crashed appearing on the screen.

Screenshot of the Trustdice Crash game

Aesthetics, user experience

The user experience is flawless in this crash game. There are no distractions to speak of, so the player can focus on making the most of the game by betting the right amount and cashing out at the right time.

Tension and anticipation value

The multiplier will start slow initially, increasing less than 0.1x per second, but it will start noticeably accelerating once it gets higher than 1.75x. After 2.0x, it will go up 0.15x per second, but after 6.0x, it will go up 0.5x per second. Blazing speeds are possible if it goes even higher!

The game does a really good job of increasing the tension as the multiplier goes higher as it speeds up, so things can get quite hectic at higher multipliers, leaving little time to make the correct decision. This only serves to increase the thrill of this game.

RTP, house edge and variability

The theoretical return to player (RTP) for TrustDice Crash is 98.5%, which is very good. It's the amount of your investment you're expected to get back over many rounds if you followed no specific strategy. The house edge is 1.5%, which means that you'd be expected to lose 1.5% of your total wagered amount in the long run. These figures are averages, of course, but they can serve to give you an idea of the inherent volatility of the game.

During test play, the multiplier would either crash very quickly, around the 1.15x - 1.25x mark, or would tend to keep going to enormous heights if it went past 2.00x already. There's no rule, of course, but it seems from testing that the crash is most likely to occur early in the game.

Maximum multipliers

When you play Trust Dice Crash, the maximum win multiplier you'll see in any round will be 2000x. The maximum win depends on the crypto coin you're using to play: 1BTC,  2,000 USDT, 2,000 EOS, and 20 ETH.


To play crash games, one must generally understand the relationship between odds and probabilities. If you always intend to cash out at 1.60x, for example, you'd have to win 1 / 1.60 = 0.625 = 62.5% of your bets to break even. The same calculation holds true for any multiplier in crash games.

A strategy often resulting in a high win rate is Auto Cash Out at a very low multiplier, such as 1.15x. However, you'll have to win more than 87% of your bets to stay positive and will be missing out on larger multipliers.

From playing the game over a significant number of rounds, It seems the correct strategy for TrustDice Crash is to play by ear - invest a certain amount of money and try to catch the highest multiplier you can. It will certainly pay you back for the previously lost bets if you do. In this case, it would be wise to use Auto Cash Out to make the cash-out request at the optimal time.

Frequently asked questions

Crash games, including TrustDice Crash, aren't considered beatable games, as they have a negative expected value throughout the entire range of possible bets. The best way to try to beat this game is by using a progressive betting strategy, which can turn the odds in your favour as long as luck is on your side.

Turning to a gambling game like Crash would not be advisable for a guaranteed income. TrustDice Crash is one of the better crash games you can play, however, and if you can enjoy it responsibly and treat it as a fun pastime, it can bring you some decent wins.

If you want to use gambling games to make a living, it's best to focus on playing poker at one of the many online poker sites or to use your skills and knowledge of sports to make successful wagers at online sports betting.

TrustDice Crash is quite the opposite of rigged - you can check the hash of every game round that has ever been played and even try to make sense of the results and possibly design a playing strategy around your findings. This is a blockchain game, and as such, it is provably fair and can't be rigged in any way.

All successful 'hacks' of crash games have something to do with scripts that are used to automate betting. However, the game can never be truly hacked, it's just that betting on it with a good script might produce slightly better results.

You can play TrustDice crash with ETH, BTC, USD Tether and EOS.