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Lock Poker Vig Report

P2P trading values of SCAM online poker site Lock poker, 2014.

This page once contained information regarding a flourishing peer to peer market that surrounded the now, nearly defunct, online poker site, Lock Poker.  Lock Poker was slow to pay its customers and savvy people knew something was afoot.  Many of these savvy people took advantage and played at Lock Poker, cashing out their winnings with as much rapidity as which they earned them.  These players began selling at ninety-five cents on the dollar, then ninety cents, then eight five cents.  It seemed that no one really got worried until poker payments were taking nearly two months and the price was down to fifty cents on the dollar.  Still, human greed persisted.  However, while it took nearly two years for the price to get down to the fire sale that was half off, it didn't take long to plummet from there.  Lock Pros, who up until this point were getting expedited cashouts, suddenly found their spigot cut off.  High five figures of sponsored Lock Pro money suddenly came to the open market and rates plummeted to thirty cents on the dollar.  Players were now waiting four to five months for cashouts...  Then cashouts all but stopped completely.

This is no longer a page reporting the peer to peer VIG rates charged in the open market by players trading Lock Poker funds, because no such trades exist anymore.  Lock Poker owes over TEN MILLION DOLLARS to players, former network partners, affiliates, and former poker network hosts.  Lock Poker is a PONZI SCHEME.  Do NOT deposit on Lock Poker if you value your money, for you will never see it again. 

If Lock Poker scammed you, we are sorry to hear it.  And more sorry that we did not spread the message far enough and wide enough for you to hear it earlier.  Professional Rakeback has been speaking out against Lock Poker for over three years, because we knew they were running an unsustainable operation.  But the Internet is a big place and our voice can only be heard so far.  If you were a victim of the Lock Poker scam, warn all your friends and family not to play there.  Utilize social media, make sure no one else suffers the same pain.

The saddest part about the Lock Poker fiasco is that it gave the online poker industry a bad reputation.  Specially the US friendly online poker sites.  Many recreational players were irreparably damaged and turned off by the Lock Poker scam and may never return to online poker, even when it becomes regulated in the United States of America.  However, truth be told, not all online poker sites are scams like this.  In fact, the overwhelming majority are NOT scams or Ponzi Schemes.  If you are a US based poker player, Professional Rakeback highly recommends that you give it another go on one of the reputable US friendly poker rooms that we do offer.  We have compiled a variety of tools to help you in this regard.  For example, we have extensive reviews of all the reputable USA online poker rooms.  But we did not stop there.  We actually keep constant track of the poker payouts made by these poker sites and every month we compile and publish the US Poker Sites Payouts Report which contains all the publicly verifiable data from the largest online poker forums and real players like you.  Check out that report as well as our reviews of these fine poker rooms and get your grind back on, on safe US poker sites!

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Once again, we at Professional Rakeback urge you not to take out your frustrations on safe and responsible poker operators just because a bad apple like Lock Poker came around to pee in the punch bowl.  In life, there are always the unsavory sort who will do anything to make a buck, and Lock Poker, its CEO Jennifer Larson, and its main public liason Shane Bridges are the ones to blame here.  They are the greedy few who were willing to lie cheat and steal their way into poker infamy.  Let us continue to keep the game alive in spite of jerks like this who will do anything and screw anyone to get ahead.  Intertol will eventually catch up to them and they will get what is coming to them, of this, we have no doubt!

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