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Lock Poker Cashouts Downgraded... Yet Again!

Lock Poker has had it's cash-out grade lowered, from D+ to D.  The downward spiral continues...   (Intertops holds onto it's A rating!)


Lock Poker Payouts Deteriorate

Professional Rakeback has never been big fans of Lock Poker's business practices.  Starting back when they were a part of the Merge Gaming Network and even more so now that they own a majority share in the former Cake Network now dubbed The Revolution Network.  We pulled out affiliate deals with Cake Poker because we could not in good conscious offer an online poker venue that we would not trust our own personal funds to (Cake uses the network cashier controlled by Lock Poker). 

Since Lock Poker created the Revolution Network we at ProfRB were skeptical.  Their high paying deals attract players, but these lead to what we believe to be a low margin and possibly unstable business model.  What ProfRB finds exceptionally scary is the perpetually deteriorating cashout speeds.  Sure, they still have P2P transfers, where one can sell their funds for an ever decreasing amount (current rates are 70-75 cents on the dollar), but selling funds at this rate has a number of inherent risks that simply do not need to be taken.  Such risk include one's trading partner stealing one's funds, the network failing and not compensating a player for their bankroll, not to mention it totally negates the high rakeback deals when one has to give up 30% of one's winnings to a stranger via P2P to affect a timely withdrawal!

Professional Rakeback highly recommends using a different partner to access the Revolution Poker Network other than Lock Poker.  We work with Intertops who pays out even US players in a week's time and ROW players even faster!  As evidence, we offer the most recent industry cashier reports from Pokeraddict for Intertops versus Revolution below:

Intertops A- (A-)

Intertops offers the same exact withdrawal options and cashout speeds as they did last month. Intertops no longer accepts new U.S. players but there are still many active players at Intertops in the U.S. so we continue to include them. While the withdrawal speeds are among the best in the U.S. market, their lack of a free cashout option for U.S. players reduces their grade.

Players may request a check for amounts up to $3000. There is a $50 fee for every check request. They arrive in about one week. Bank wires are also available for amounts up to $2500. Wires arrive in player’s bank accounts in 2-3 weeks. The fee is also $50 for wires.

Players may also request a cash transfer. These arrive in about two days. The fees are as follows:

• $150-$500 Fee: $70
• $501-$1000 Fee: $85
• $1001-$2000 Fee: $180


Now contrast the stellar report above with this PokerAddict's report about Lock Poker:

Lock Poker D (D+)

Things just keep getting worse at Lock Poker. Cash transfers are no longer available. There is a backlog of about two months right now in past cash transfer requests so the option is suspended until further notice. Checks are taking about three months right now. There is no fee on check cashouts. The reason that Lock Poker is receiving a lower grade than Juicy Stakes is because players outside of the U.S. are waiting nearly a month for withdrawals. This is a cause for concern.

Author Notes: It seems that Juicy Stakes and Lock Poker are using the same check processor for U.S. players. While I have no proof of this, the cashout speeds and player report in terms of physical checks and method of delivery are similar between the two rooms. Since both rooms are on the Revolution Gaming Network, this opinion is a reasonable educated guess. It seems unlikely that the two poker rooms are using the same cashier for ewallets available to players outside of the U.S. due to the difference in cashout speeds.


We at Professional Rakeback think it's pretty easy to see why we've chosen Intertops and Juicy Stakes after review the information over Lock Poker or any other operator on the Revolution Gaming Network with a network cashier.  Now some of our more savvy professional online grinders are going to ask "But if Lock isn't safe, and Lock owns Revolution, and Intertops is on Revolution, what would happen in the event that Lock Poker / Revolution fails?  How can Intertops be a safe bet?"  Astute question, (ProfRB asked it before working with Intertops) and here is the answer directly from Intertops as posted recently publicly at 2+2:


Nothing would happen to Intertops at since we have our own wallet (edit: they mean independent cashier) and the player and affiliate money is separated from all other skins and network.

Best regards,

The Intertops Poker Team

It's pretty much a no brainer which site to choose in these tumultuous times and online poker markets.  Professional Rakeback staff is more than happy to discuss this topic or any poker related topic for that matter.  Contact Us and we'll answer your questions, listen to your comments, and even personally walk you through the setup process for Intertops and/or any of our online poker/sportsbook/casino/horse racing partners! **UPDATE:  AS is commonly known nowadays in late 2014 and 2015, Lock Poker was a vicious scam designed to separate players from their money.  We say "is" but the unfortunate truth is that Lock Poker is still in operation today unfortunately.  They have very little traffic according to Game Intel, but they are still suckering in new players every month due to their great rankings in the search engines.  We see evidence of this each and every month when someone new posts in various online poker forums asking about their "delayed" Lock Poker cash out.  Inevitably, none of these players will be paid a dime :(