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Pokerhost Cashier Information: Check Fee Withdrawal Costs

Within please find an updated check withdrawal fee table, as well as info on check payouts for Pokerhost, a leading online poker room on the Winning Poker Network [WPN].

UPDATE:  Please note that PokerHost has moved from Merge Gaming Network to Equity Poker Network and then moved once again to its new permanent home on the Winning Poker Network.  These fees were still accurate as of January 2017.


PokerHost's Check Withdrawal Fee Chart:

$100-$200 check withdrawal: $35 fee
$201-$300 check withdrawal: $40 fee
$301-$400 check withdrawal: $45 fee
$401-$500 check withdrawal: $50 fee
$501-$999 check withdrawal: $55 fee
$1000-$2000 check withdrawal: $65 fee
$2001-$2500 check withdrawal: $75 fee
$2501-$3000 check withdrawal: $85 fee

PokerHost, a Winning Poker Network online poker room with its own independent cashier, stands as one of the best options for US and ROW players seeking quick withdrawals (rated #2 in's own Monthly Cashout Report). New US players can withdraw via established transfer methods Western Union and Moneygram, while active established players may request checks in addition to WU and MG, as well as direct deposit and bank wire payouts. Either way, PokerHost touts 3-7 business day cash-out time-frames and with an initial sign-up bonus at 100% up to $1,000 USD, you'd be hard up to find a better rakeback site.

Please note that checks are typically drawn off of Canadian banks, but are denominated in United States Dollars (USD).  These checks can only be cashed at a brick and mortar branch of said Canadian bank, or deposited into any USA or world-wide banking institution.  For well over a year, the time that elapses from the moment a client clicks withdraw via bank draft, to the moment they have (up to a $3,000) check in hand is approximately 5 business days.