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Seals With Clubs Krill "Rakeback Program" Explained | SWC Cashback

Seals With Clubs Krill Cashback Graphic


Seals With Clubs, the largest of the bitcoin poker rooms, offers a unique rakeback and rewards system, the "Krill" program.  Since the SWC bitcoin online poker room has a bit of an eccentric flair to it, it's no surprise that instead of going with the standard "shark and fish" method of describing poker, they named their reward program after the most abundant prey for seals, i.e. krill.  The Krill cashback program is a program designed to offer ever increasing rewards to dedicated online bitcoin poker players.  In the early levels the rewards are scarce, but dedicated players will soon find that they not only earn ever increasing rakeback percentages, but also gain access to larger and larger daily, weekly, and monthly BTC freerolls.  The maximum rakeback to be earned is 50% which can be coupled with table-starter rakeback for a maximum of 100% rakeback.  Yup, 100% is possible when playing with 2-4 players on 6max or full ring table.  Read the Seals With Clubs Rakeback FAQ below for more information.

Seals With Clubs Rakeback | Cashback | VIP Krill Program FAQ:

Seals With Clubs uses Krill rewards.  What are Krill rewards?

Krill are the 'points' that SWC offers to it's cash game players as a means of tracking their "VIP status."  The more Krill that a player earns, the more VIP rewards | Rakeback | Cashback said poker player earns on future poker hands.

How are Krill 'points' earned?

Pot Rake multiplied by (5 / players dealt) then multiplied by any other bonus factor currently in effect and finally rounded down to the nearest tenth of a Krill.

That's nice, can you show me an example of how this works in the real world?

For instance, in a 200 chip pot on a 6 handed no limit holdem table, 5 chips would constitute the rake (using the rake method explained in the general Seals With Clubs FAQ here). Players with no bonus factored in would earn 4.2 Krill in this example. Krill accumulates and the more one earns, the more one will get in rakeback as a result.

How high of a "rakeback" percentage can I achieve | What are the Krill VIP tiers?

Seals With Clubs delineates levels at which you earn achievements and eventually a sizable rakeback percentage. These are called "waves", and as you will see in the following chart, once you earn 5,000 Krill, you will start earning 2% rakeback. Krill is updated regularly, and once again is cumulative - it never resets. So once you hit 5,000, you'll receive 2% and then higher as you continue to earn more Krill. Krill rakeback is paid weekly, and is calculated at the highest wave achieved since the last Krill rakeback payment. However, prizes and other promotions may be removed from your MGR before calculating rakeback.

The following chart was last adjusted by SWC in February 2014. 

Krill Waves - SWC Rakeback Levels

How do i earn the most rakeback | cashback bonuses possible at Seals With Clubs?

Firstly, players that start 6max and full ring cash game tables automatically earn 50% rakback on top of any Krill VIP rewards.  As mentioned above, the more one plays, the higher one's "wave number," the higher one's effective rakeback percentage becomes.  To date, no one has achieved the top tier of Grand Master Seal, but when that lucky someone does, and that someone starts tables, that player would effectively earn 100% rakeback and access to huge freerolls for extra value!

PROFRB, you mentioned something about frequent bitcoin poker freerolls?

We surely did! At certain VIP levels one can also achieve entry status into freerolls that run at certain pre-determined time intervals. Remember again - Krill earned is cumulative, so once one surpasses the plateaus listed below, one's eligibility is guaranteed for the life of your account.  There is massive extra rakeback potential in any bitcoin freeroll that runs here.  Why is that?  More than two thirds of the eligible players forget to register and participate in the VIP bitcoin freerolls, so the fields are small and juicy!

1,250 krill earned: eligible for 600 chip freeroll (runs every 100 hours)
5,000 krill earned: Daring Seals who have achieved this amount of lifetime Krill are eligible for 1,000 chip freeroll which runs every 200 hours.
25,000 krill earned: Tricky Seals at this level are eligible for 2,000 chip freeroll which goes off every 400 hours.
50,000 krill earned: Sly Seals not only are earning nineteen percent rakeback but are also eligible for 3,000 chip freeroll that fires up every 500 hours.
150,000 krill earned: If one plays long enough to earn this many Krill, they become eligible for a 5,000 chip freeroll that runs every 800 hours.  Once a month one would compete in this bitcoin poker freeroll with a small group of other bitcoin poker stars!

Is this a bitcoin poker site for U.S. players?:

Yes Americans are welcome at SWC!  Any US player can deposit and win bitcoin.  In fact anyone and everyone in the whole wide world can join, play, and earn bitcoin rakeback at this bitcoin poker site!

I'm ready to create a bitcoin poker room account at Seals With Club now:

Just click this link and create a new account at Seal With Clubs.  Be sure to enter ProfRB as the account that referred you!

I need some more information about Seals With Clubs and online bitcoin poker before I get started.

No problem, Professional Rakeback has provided a plethora of information for you to peruse as regards Seals With Clubs.  Simply click here to read much more in our bitcoin poker review of SWC.


Please be sure to check out our Seals FAQ page and our main SWC bitcoin poker review and signup page for more information on how you can begin using bitcoins and playing poker bitcoin on Seals With Clubs - the premiere bitcoin poker room in the world, online poker bitcoin at it's absolute finest!