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Seals With Clubs Bitcoin Online Poker FAQ

Frequently asked questions regarding bitcoin, rake back, tournaments, policies & more at Seals With Clubs.


Frequently Asked Questions for Online Bitcoin Poker Site Seals With Clubs - FAQ

Seals With Clubs is a weird and long name, what is up with that? -- Yup, it is an odd name, evidently they wanted to stand out from the rest of the internet poker sites, none of which offered online bitcoin poker when they created the company.  We assume that rather than go with the poker normality, which addresses players as sharks and fish, they chose to go with something completely different, carnivorous seals who eat krill (small ocean shrimp).  And yea, rather than type out Seals With Clubs all the time, sometimes we refer to them as SWC

So what is this Seals With Clubs bitcoin poker room? -- SWC is a run by a team of live and online poker players that provides Texas Hold’em Poker, Omaha Poker cash games.  All player balances are denominated and held in bitcoins, and all cash-ins and cash-outs are done via bitcoin. No traditional fiat currency is ever used. SWC chooses to remain anonymous, but they've been building a solid reputation since August 2011 and are committed to bitcoin poker for the long haul.  They are currently the largest of the world's bitcoin poker rooms and there is no better place to play online poker with bitcoin.

Does Seals With Clubs offer freeroll tournaments or multi-table tournaments of any kind? -- Why yes they do offer bitcoin poker freerolls, both to players who have not deposited yet and as one of the perks of their bitcoin VIP program.  The tournament schedule at SWC is growing rapidly, offering hourly tournaments and offers a Sunday Major tournament with a twenty bitcoin prize pool guarantee!

What happens if a multi-table tournmanent gets cancelled?  --  Seals With Clubs Tournament Cancellation Policies

So, bitcoin poker site... U.S. players welcome?  -- American players from the United States of America [USA] are more than welcome to play play at SWC.  Bitcoin poker site US player, European player, Asian player, Australian player, it doesn't matter, SWC accepts ALL POKER PLAYERS!

Tell me more about bitcoin please? -- Bitcoins are a peer-to-peer digital currency that has been in use since 2009. Bitcoin is an electronic cash system based on open-source, peer-to-peer internet protocol. There is no centralized issuer; instead, individual users volunteer computing power, attempting to solve difficult math problems in exchange for processing rewards - in effect, executing and recording the network’s transactions in a decentralized way. Seals With Clubs only transacts business in bitcoin. The best research site out there to familiarize yourself with bitcoins is (and you can track trades and values at, and we recommend to our players to have a general familiarity with bitcoins before they begin play.

So basically, it’s like a currency, but it isn’t backed by a government? -- It’s confusing only because we’re so used to a convoluted way of doing it. The point of a currency is ultimately to be a ledger of payments back and forth - nothing more and nothing less. To the extent that this can be done without manual oversight, it may as well be. It’s no advantage to the health of a currency that a few people have the ability to make arbitrary changes or actively erode it.

What is with their fluctuating value? -- Bitcoins used to be quite volatile in terms of worth. For reference, when we here at went through the initial research process in September 2013, we bought a bitcoin for roughly $127. At the time of updating this page on October 22nd, 2013, a bitcoin cost approximately $198 to purchase. This was the nature of bitcoins at the time, however, things have changed.  BTC is now much more widely accepted (Target, Overstock and even Walmart use bitcoin now.  The price of a bitcoin has been relatively stable for the past 8 months as of September 2014.  No matter the price of bitcoin, one bitcoin will always net you 1,000 chips on Seals With Clubs. This never changes - keep that in mind! 

Do I have to verify my account with Seals With Clubs? -- No. SealsWithClubs flatly rejects the idea that an online poker room should require your personal information. They believe the online poker experience should be similar to a live cardroom, whereby players can buy chips, play, and cash out anonymously. By using bitcoin, SealsWithClubs can securely, anonymously and quickly process chip transactions without requiring any documentation on their part.  Anonymous online poker, in the tradition and spirit of btc, is a reality thanks to SWC.

What sort of rake does SWC charge? -- UPDATED 12/3/13: Rake at ring game tables is 1 chip per 40 (2.5% rounded down) with a cap of the lesser of 3BB or 5 chips (0.005BTC). Limit tables with a big blind of 0.5 chips (0.0005BTC) or higher have rake of 1 chip per 50 (2% rounded down) with a cap of the lesser of 2BB or 4 chips (0.004BTC). Heads-up tables with a big blind of 0.5 chips (0.0005BTC) or higher have rake of 1 chip per 75 (~1.33% rounded down) with a cap of the lesser of 1BB or 3 chips (0.003BTC). If a game would have a rake cap of 0.5 chips (0.0005BTC), then the rake cap will be 0.5 chips (0.0005BTC). No rake is collected on hands that do not make it to the flop. The Table Starter, Krill rakeback system, and other promotions make the rake on Seals With Clubs extremely low versus the industry standard.

So the Seals With Clubs rake is low, is there bitcoin rakeback also?  -- Yes there is, up to 50% rakeback | cashback levels can be achieved via the Krill (bitcoin poker) VIP program.

What is 50% table starter rakeback? -- As simple as it sounds! Start games and keep them going and SWC gives you 50% rakeback. Two and three handed play at 9max tables of all cash games qualify, and your 50% “Table Starter” rakeback is paid weekly each Monday. The number of players sitting at the table doesn’t matter - only players dealt cards are considered.

Using Coinbase, I have initial limits on my amounts. Why, and how can I increase them? -- Initially, you will be limited in the amount of bitcoins you can purchase or sell. This initial limit is 10 bitcoins bought, 50 bitcoins sold per day. You can increase these limits by verifying your personal information AND by completing a purchase - but you must wait 30 days from your initial purchase date. You can also "verify your identity" by supplying name, address, date of birth, and social security number - but if you've moved recently or live outside the US, this may not work.

This seems so complicated. I just want to play poker! -- We offer this information for anyone who is interested, but understanding the science behind Bitcoin is irrelevant to playing on Seals. Once you have an account balance, it’s normal poker** from there.  And depositing isn't the only way to acquire Seals chips.  One could win Seals poker chips in any of the myriad freerolls they offer.  One could also acquire chips from a friend using the peer-to-peer P2P transfer option.  Heck, Professional Rakeback will even sell you some of our bitcoin poker chips, if you create an account through us of course, at par value!  We'll even buy them back from you if you win!  **(Normal poker with low rake and poker payouts cashouts in less than 12 hours, thanks largely to the effectiveness of what we’re talking about.) 

I want to create an account at SWC, what do I do? -- Write down this referral code ProfRB, click this sign up referral link, click the yellow "Register" button in the upper right corner of screen and create a Seals With Clubs account - make sure to input "ProfRB" as the account who referred you!  It costs you nothing, the site compensates us for your referral and we thank you!

Do I need a Seals With Clubs bonus code, promo code, or anything of the sort? -- The good news is that you do not need a bonus or promotional code.  The bad news is that they do not offer a deposit bonus of any kind.  They figure they offer enough freerolls to players already, and since they use an anonymous system with players, it would be too easy for unscrupulous types to abuse a poker deposit bonus system.

I'm still not convinced I want to play here, do you have  more in-depth reviews? -- Of course we do.  Try our Seals With Clubs Bitcoin Poker Site Review

 We here at have attempted to compile and report concise and concentrated information to inform our players and the online poker community in general. Be sure to look over everything we have to offer - we believe you will find that using Bitcoins and playing on Seals With Clubs to be a prosperous and rewarding experience!