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Chico Network's Bad Beat Jackpot is Huge

BetOnline/ Bad Beat Jackpot Surpasses $500K

The Bad Beat Jackpot at the Chico Poker Network now exceeds half a million dollars. U.S. residents can try to win a share of it by playing from either BetOnline or while international poker buffs can sign up at TigerGaming. As of this writing, the total amount in the pot is $516,681.54.

How the Bad Beat Jackpot Works

Only certain No Limit Texas Hold’em tables qualify for winning the Bad Beat Jackpot. They’re indicated by a star next to them in the cash game lobby and the words “BAD BEAT JACKPOT” as part of the table name. The lowest stakes at which these special tables are present is $0.50/$1.00, and they go up to $5/$10, the highest level spread at the network.

At these particular tables, a bad beat rake of $0.10 is taken out for every $4 in the pot up to a maximum of $0.50. There’s thus an extra 2.5% rake on the Bad Beat tables although the BBJ rake cap of $0.50 means that every pot that’s more than $20 in size will see this 2.5% figure drop lower. The continuous collection of this additional rake funds the growth of the prize pool. Again, only those at Bad Beat Jackpot tables have to make this extra contribution, and they alone qualify to receive a big payday if they achieve the conditions for activating the jackpot.

Triggering a Jackpot Payment

Whenever a player at one of the designated tables loses at showdown with quad Jacks or better, the BBJ will reward that person handsomely. However, both the winning and losing five-card poker hands must use two hole cards, and no fewer than four individuals must have been dealt into the hand. Assuming all of the above requirements are met, the jackpot will be divided up as follows:

Chico BBJ 2017

  • 35% to the player who loses with four-of-a-kind Jacks or better at showdown
  • 17.5% to the player who wins the qualifying pot at showdown
  • 17.5% to be split among the other players at the table
  • 30% to reseed a new Bad Beat Jackpot

As you can see, these percentages add up to exactly 100%. The poker room doesn’t keep any of the jackpot funds for itself. They’re all returned back to the players.

Bad Beat Jackpot History

The last time the jackpot was hit at the Chico Poker Network occurred on Feb. 9 this year. Player “ONEnDONE” saw his quad Jacks cracked by quad Aces and was the recipient of $137,177.64 of the $391,936 jackpot. The AAAA of “HslHoff” was good for $68,569.21 while the rest of the table got $9,795.60 apiece. That left about $117K to reseed the new jackpot.

The current sum available for disbursement after a lucky hand is $516,681.54, and a little bit of subtraction shows that it has grown by almost $400,000 in the less than three months that have elapsed from the time “ONEnDONE” scored his riches. If someone were to hit the Bad Beat Jackpot today, he or she would receive more than $180K.

You May Be the Next Winner

There’s no reason why anyone, including yourself, can’t try to become the next winner of a six-figure BBJ payment at the Chico Poker Network. Even if such a fate is not in the cards for you, you can still achieve beneficial rewards through the 100% up to $2,500 poker bonus, which is equal to 33% rakeback. There are MTT, SNG, and cash game leaderboards that each pay out thousands of dollars every week. Read our reviews of BetOnline,, and TigerGaming to learn how to register your new account.