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Bored of Coronavirus Downtime? Online Poker to the Rescue


The global pandemic coronavirus has led to the closure of many workplaces, universities, and recreational facilities. If you’re left sitting at home twiddling your thumbs, then maybe it’s time to reacquaint yourself with internet gaming, like online poker and casino wagering, to try to beat the phenomenon of being coronavirus bored.

Whether you’re stuck within a restrictive quarantine, have wisely opted to isolate yourself, or are simply dismayed by the closure of many nearby entertainment choices, the problem you face is the same: how to while away the hours and days while staving off the boredom that coronavirus can cause even in those not afflicted with the disease. Gaming over the internet is perhaps the most convenient and affordable way to keep yourself entertained and occupied until the threat of coronavirus has passed.

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Types of Gaming Available

Game Controller

Of course, there are many kinds of online gaming, from mobile apps, like “Angry Birds,” to immersive PC experiences, such as “Doom” and “League of Legends.” In our opinion, the best online gaming opportunities are those in which you put real money on the line, like online poker, slots, and casino games. This makes for greater excitement as you have a financial stake in performing the best that you possibly can.

The brick-and-mortar gambling world has been hit hard by Covid-19, with many casinos being shut down and events canceled, but online poker and casinos are still going strong. In fact, with countless people around the world experiencing coronavirus boredom, online gaming sites are benefiting from a boom with more action taking place than during normal times.

Internet poker and casino sites are safe to play at, easy to deposit to, and have tons of juicy bonuses to claim – as long as you choose a good, reputable operator. You don’t need to put lots of dough at risk either because betting minimums online tend to be a lot smaller than for the same games found in physical casinos or cardrooms.

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Chips + Cards

It’s our estimation that poker is probably the most masterful combination of strategic skill, psychological manipulation, and betting bravura that has yet been devised. If you’re looking to pit yourself against other real people for bragging rights and, hopefully, big profits, then poker is an ideal avenue for doing so.

The major types of poker that you would find in a land-based cardroom, cash games and multi-table tournaments, are both available online.

As far as tournaments go, the choice available online is truly staggering. There are multiple events each Sunday that award no less than $100,000 in prizes while the normal daily schedules at most rooms include plenty of contests with buyins ranging from around a dollar to hundreds of dollars. Every once in a while, there are special series where the money up for grabs sometimes tops $1 million! In these monstrously large events, it’s not uncommon for the first place winner to walk away with a six-figure payday.

If you’d rather stick with ring games rather than tournaments, they’re offered at a range of stakes. You can join a table often for as little as a $2 or $5 buyin, but other tables with bigger blinds require hundreds or thousands of dollars to play. No Limit Texas Hold’em predominates, but there’s usually a decent amount of Pot Limit Omaha running too.

Pot Limit Omaha is an action-filled variant where the pots are big and the competition intense. It's like Texas Hold'em, but you get FOUR CARDS in your hand!

If the idea of playing with twice as many cards appeals to you, then you should read our super-detailed, eight-part strategy guide: Pot Limit Omaha Poker From Square One. If you already know how PLO works but seek a destination for it online, then consult our list of the best rooms online for Pot Limit Omaha.

In addition to the more-or-less standard games described above, there are several formats that are geared toward internet play and would be difficult or impossible to run in a live poker room.

Fast-fold poker is a type of cash game that sees you move to a new table and receive a new hand whenever you fold. This means constant action and less of a chance of getting bored. It would be virtually impossible for this type of competition to occur in a brick-and-mortar setting as the participants would have to leave and join new tables too rapidly to be practical, but online sites are perfect for this style of gaming.

Sit n’ gos are tournaments that you can register for anytime you please, and they begin whenever a full table of entrants has registered. Play then proceeds like normal with the top few finishers taking home a piece of the prize pool. Each SNG lasts just an hour or two – less in the case of games that feature turbo or hyper turbo speeds. Though sit-and-gos are occasionally offered in live poker rooms, they’re mostly an online specialty.


Slot Machine

Ah, the old one-armed bandit, so named for the “arm” or lever that you pull while the machine tries to take your money. Actually, modern slots are a vast enhancement over the mechanical, lever-operated devices of yesteryear. To get with the program and experience the best slots being played today, it might be wise to head online.

You see, online casinos frequently boast hundreds of different games, more than could fit in a terrestrial room. In addition, the payout percentages – although highly variable – are, on average, better online than in a live gambling parlor.

Speaking of payouts, if you hit the right combo on a progressive jackpot online slot machine, you might be in for a very nice treat of $1 million or more. The way these jackpots work is that they start at an initially modest value, but they increase by a small amount with every spin made until the cash on offer amounts to a life-changing sum of money. In many cases, multiple sites cooperate together to generate humongous jackpots much higher than they could achieve on their own.

While the prospect of a sizable win is what might inspire you to begin playing slots, what will probably keep you spinning after your initial session is the quality of the games themselves. Gone are the three-reel, single-line slots of a bygone era. Nowadays, five-reel video slots are standard, and the number of paylines can be 10, 20, 50, or even more.

The graphics and sound tend to be on a par with what you would find in video games, each title having its own theme and ambiance. Other key elements to look forward to include free spins, bonus rounds, double-or-nothing gamble features, and wild symbols.

Despite the complexity of the gaming elements involved in today’s full-featured slots, playing them is a piece of cake. This because the game server handles all the heavy lifting.

You just need to choose your coin size and the number of coins to bet (sometimes the number of active paylines too). You will encounter slots that can be spun for just a few cents per round, but you can usually increase your wager up to $100 per spin or even beyond.

Casino Games

Roulette Wheel

Slots are a fun and simple delight – perhaps too simple in the eyes of sophisticated casino mavens. Fortunately, all of your favorite casino table and “pit” games are present online along with video poker.

Blackjack is the king of the hill when it comes to casino table games, and this is true online no less than it is in your local casino. Beloved by those who appreciate the clear, straightforward rules and tiny house edge, online blackjack confers several advantages.

You can bet on several spots at a time and can usually wager as little as $1 per hand: one-tenth or less what you are required to risk at a blackjack table in a real-life casino. It’s not uncommon to find several distinct rules variations spread at the same online casino, allowing you to choose the exact game you want to play.

Video poker can be found on the internet in all its various manifestations: Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Aces and Faces, Bonus Poker, Joker Poker, and much more. Savvy casino pros know that video poker games with generous pay charts are generally among the fairest casino games to be found anywhere. For instance, a full-pay Jacks or Better machine has a house advantage of just 0.46%.

Craps, Roulette, Baccarat, and a wide range of other casino amusements await your attention. Each round usually goes much faster online than live because there are no delays for shuffling, moving chips around, or the other minor time-wasters involved in handling physical gambling objects. Furthermore, because you can play these games by yourself, you don’t have to wait on other players to make their decisions.

However, if you really want to participate in games with other players, then this is possible too online. You see, through an innovation known as Live Dealer tables, you can make your wagers via your computer and then watch as a real human dealer operates the game and announces the results. This really is a combination of the best of online and offline gaming.

If you’re eager to learn more about how to jump into online gaming and the best sites to play at, then check out the detailed guides we have prepared:

Armed with the information provided on these pages, you’ll have everything you need to avoid feeling coronavirus bored.