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64Spades: Is This Leopard Trying to Change Its Spots?

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Here at ProfessionalRakeback, we're always on the alert for online poker sites that might turn out to be scams. Our interest in this is twofold. First of all, as representatives of upstanding and reputable poker operators, we're chagrined at seeing revenue going to the dishonest and crooked instead of to legitimate rooms. Secondly, we wish to protect our customers and all our readers from the depredations of untrustworthy sites.

In our spotlight today is 64Spades. We've already warned you against this two-bit operation in our 64spades review (and, no, when we say “two-bit,” we're not referring to two bitcoins although, come to think of it, we wouldn't be surprised if 2 BTC represents the entire operating capital of this business).

New information has now come to light that makes it imperative that we reiterate our advice to steer clear of 64Spades if you value your bankroll.

64Spades Rebranding

64Spades New Year's Post

We were spurred to write about this subject because of a Facebook post made by Mike Traylor, one of the owners of 64Spades. Here is the text of the post in its entirety:

64Spades New Years FB Post

Painting an optimistic picture, Traylor hints at improved software features, speedier cashouts, new investors, and even a complete rebranding. While this may all sound good to the unsuspecting average Joe, we actually believe that this message sounds an ominous tone regarding the short- and long-term future of 64Spades. Here's why we feel this way:

1. Payouts

Brown Money Bag

Michael Traylor's reference to “faster cash outs” glosses over an important subject, and this is the speed (or rather lack thereof) with which this gaming company pays customers their winnings. Timeframes commonly extend into many weeks or months before users see their cash.

In fact, the most popular means for players to withdraw their 64Spades balances isn't through Bitcoin or even check. Rather, they trade chips among themselves for a variety of forms of compensation, like gift cards and PayPal.

Michael Traylor has been surprisingly forthcoming about the reasons for the latest cashout delays:

Michael Traylor on Cashout Delays

That's right – because of disputed funds held with ewallets that clearly prohibit their services being used for gambling purposes, 64Spades has had to resort to paying out withdrawals with new depositors' money coming into the system. This isn't a new phenomenon either: As far back as April 2018, we saw reports of PayPal and Venmo problems because of 64Spades players disputing the charges. After being burned repeatedly by such actions, it seems that the team behind the site has still not learned their lesson.

The remarkably blasé and matter-of-fact way that this news was delivered by Mike Traylor, as though it were no big deal, is noteworthy. Needless to say, using today's deposits to pay out yesterday's withdrawals is one of the warning signs that an enterprise is about to go under, taking all its users' funds with it.

“How Dare You!” Meme

While payment delays of weeks or months used to be commonplace in the offshore gaming market, this is no longer the case today. Bitcoin and other crypto assets allow both sites and players to move their money around with remarkable efficiency and speed. This is shown by the payout times recorded in our monthly online gaming cashout report, which testifies to the fact that the leading providers are able to complete withdrawals within a couple of days: much better than the dismal performance of 64Spades.

Is Screwing You? Maybe We Can Help!

First and foremost, we can NOT get your money back from Why? Because we have ZERO affiliation with them now, or in the past. In fact, we have always been anti-64Spades because quite frankly, their site is whack.

What we can do is offer some help to players who meet the following criteria:

  1. Have a verifiable balance of $1,000 or more and can prove it with a recent screenshot.
  2. Play online poker regularly.
  3. Are willing to create an account with one of our trusted online poker partners through the website.

What kind of help can we offer you ask? Well, it is quite simple really. To players who meet the aforementioned criteria, we can offer special bonuses, extra rakeback, and other forms of compensation up to the amount of money lost on 64 Spades.

Why would we do this? Another simple answer. We hate it when a sleazy poker site screws over players as it fouls the reputation of the great game of online poker. Therefore, we offer a scenario to victimized players whereby they get a new place to play and can earn back their losses with extra compensation, we get new customers, and our partner poker sites get fresh business. Everyone wins!

Therefore we encourage you to use the contact form located at the bottom of this, and every, page on our website. Tell us about your situation and how much money you have locked up at 64Spades, what game(s) and stake(s) of poker you play, how much you rake per month, and anything else you would like to share. We will read it over and get back to you with a customized offer to help if it is at all possible.

2. Outdated Software

Box of Software

The software that the owner of 64Spades hints at improving really could use an upgrade. This isn't just because it's susceptible to unusual bugs and confusing menu arrangements. No, its issues extend further than this.

The 64Spades poker client was developed by Enterra, a smaller vendor of gaming software for niche operators. While most mainstream poker sites opt for more robust packages delivered either in-house or through a larger development house, Enterra does have a solid following especially among Bitcoin poker rooms and those run by new entrants to the field.

There's nothing inherently bad about electing to feature the creations of a lesser-known programming partner. But what's worrisome is that 64Spades isn't even keeping its poker client up to date! This is inexcusable when we consider that what Enterra charges for product maintenance is probably considerably less than most competitors.

Check out the following conversation that one of our sources had with Enterra customer support regarding 64Spades:

Enterra's Take on 64Spades

And if we look at the “About” info for the 64Spades poker client and compare it with one of its competitors that also uses Enterra software, we see a couple of interesting things:

Software Version: 64SpadesThe 64Spades Software Seems to Be a Few Versions Behind

It appears as though the 64Spades version number is five major revisions behind the current release. Furthermore, the “Enterra Holdings” text is absent from 64Spades. We're guessing that Enterra contacted this ill-managed poker room and demanded that their name be removed from this obsolete version of the executable.

3. Owner's Public Comments


It can be challenging to attempt to gauge the intentions an organization particularly when it comes to internet gaming groups because their executives tend to keep a low public profile. Still, there are worrisome hints that have been dropped in remarks made publicly by Mike Traylor.

Michael TraylorOwner of 64Spades, Michael Traylor

In an interview with Acehighradio on Nov. 8, Mike revealed that his friends think that he's “always trying to find the hustle,” and they therefore nicknamed him “Gypsy.” While we must be careful not to read too much into this, we cannot help but wonder how a man with a reputation for being a hustler would react if he finds himself responsible for a struggling online poker endeavor.

It's not beyond the realm of belief that such an individual would perform an EV calculation and opt to cut his losses, stiffing players in the process.

4. Rebranding an Excuse for Deception?


The plans of 64Spades to change to “a new name and a new look” is a cause for concern in our eyes. If everything were going well for the existing brand, then wouldn't it be advantageous to retain the same name and thereby trade on the room's good reputation? The fact that management wishes to transact under a new name – which has not yet been revealed – could indicate a desire to put some distance between the site and the tarnished 64Spades name.

People who may have been wary of 64Spades based on what they have heard before might be misled into signing up to whatever the new operation winds up being called. If this is what 64Spades is trying to do, then this is a shady business practice indicative of a lack of corporate ethics.

The rebranding is expected to be completed sometime later in January 2019 or perhaps early February.

[UPDATE: Feb. 5, 2020]

We've heard from a number of sources that the new name for 64Spades will be “Atlas Poker” although this information has not yet been officially announced. However, the atlaspoker[dot]com and atlaspoker[dot]net URLs seem to be incomplete or inactive websites that don't have anything to do with 64spades or even poker in general.

This could mean that either:

  1. Our information is incorrect and the new name is something different
  2. The site has abandoned its rebranding initiative
  3. The process has been delayed

None of these possibilities would surprise us. This isn't the first time that news from 64Spades has turned out to be inaccurate, hopelessly optimistic, or even totally false.

[UPDATE: Feb. 22, 2020]

In response to a user inquiring about any solid information regarding the 64Spades rebranding, owner Michael Traylor posted the following image on Facebook:

Atlas Poker Table

He stated: “The initial update will happen next week. The finalized product a few weeks later.”

It seems that this process is going forward albeit at a slower pace than customers were initially led to believe...though not as slow as cashouts tend to be. Meanwhile, the atlaspoker[dot]net domain shows what appears to be a half-completed website with no graphics or styling:

Home Page of

5. Other Owner Leaving

Exit Sign

Traylor explained that co-owner Darrell Smith has “decided to step down.” We can't possibly speculate on what has happened behind the scenes at 64Spades, but it's not exactly heartening when a principal of a company decides that it's time to move on to other pursuits.

Perhaps in order to fill the void left by Smith, Mike Traylor indicated that he's forming a “new partnership with a group of investors” that he has lined up. Unfortunately, he didn't go into much detail about these investors or their intentions.

We recall that the troubled Full Tilt Poker, in the wake of Black Friday, also announced new investors who were ready to pour additional money into the faltering enterprise. However, nothing ever came of this, and customers had to await the purchase of Full Tilt by PokerStars and the start of a lengthy remissions process before ever seeing their money. Such a bailout is unlikely in 64Spades' case.

You can learn more about 64Spades and Michael Traylor's immediate plans by listening to an interview he recorded with Acehighradio on Jan. 6, which is embedded below. (Acehighradio is an affiliate of 64Spades).

Acehighradio Interview With 64Spades Owner Michael Traylor

Find a Reputable Site Instead

Black Ribbon

There are plenty of other choices for USA online poker besides the questionable 64Spades. While we cannot know for certain, we foresee this operation going the way of the now-shuttered Jao Poker and BigUglyPoker, both of which closed without paying out money owed to players.

To find a reliable place to play cards online, check out our guide to internet poker for Americans, which covers the leading USA-friendly rooms and contains a lot of general info too. All of these trustworthy rooms provide legal online poker to US citizens.